“‘You chandelier love the Lord your God through all your heart, and with all her soul, and with all her mind’. This is the an excellent and foremost commandment. The second is prefer it, you shall love her neighbor together yourself’.” (Matthew 22:37-39)

“Go therefore and also make disciples of every the nations, baptizing lock in the name of the Father and the Son and also the divine Spirit, teaching them to watch all that ns commanded you; and lo, i am v you always, also to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Often called the great commandments and also the an excellent commission, these provide us our marching orders. This is why us exist




About the Position:First Baptist Church is seek a contemporary Worship Leader come Lead and also Develop the prayer Ministry because that the modern Service.

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Planning the worship service

Preparing the band and also praise team for Sunday

Working v the technological director in business development

Creating the environment for worship

Enlisting and developing volunteers

Depending on an abilities and interest, be affiliated in the tech and also media work-related of the church.

Lead/develop a prayer team for student Ministry.

Be a minister to the praise ministry team and others in the congregation.

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Ideal Candidate:

Is a Team Player

Is confident leader who develops and also encourages volunteers

Is an innovative in Worship

Is a contributor to the in its entirety ministry

Has a strong relationship v Christ

Has a sound theological frame for worship

Rock Hill and York County, SC is amongst the fastest cultivation in the state. Recently the Carolina Panthers broke ground on their corporate complicated and maintain facility in ~ a mile of the church. This will carry continued economic development to our area. Absent Hill has around 60,000 residents, strong schools, and also a great place come raise a family. In current years, absent Hill has actually made a solid commitment to recreation tourism through the advancement of several venues the attract human being from everywhere the southeast. Being 15-20 miles from Charlotte gives us accessibility to every little thing a bigger city has to offer there is no the traffic, crime or other negative aspects of large city life. We are little city that continues to blossom.