Data Mining MCQ’s Viva inquiries 1: i beg your pardon of the following applied on warehouse? a) write only b) read only c) both a &

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Data Mining Mcq

1 of 34http://grdmcqonline/printqp.php?heading=II M.Sc(IT) <2012-2014>, Se...Dr.G.R.Damodaran university of science (Au

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MCQ Data mining

Data Mining and Data Warehousing regular Pattern Mining-Frequent sample Mining Algorithms Quiz straightforward Q1. What does Apri

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Data Mining MCQ Links

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Data Mining Mcq's

A score of data mining has which the the following?123A. To explain some observed event or condition B. To co

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Data Warehouse and Data Mining MCQ

1. ...................... Is an essential process whereby intelligent methods are used to extract data patterns.A) Da

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Data Mining dan Data Warehouse.. DATA MINING DAN DATA WAREHOUSE Data Mining Data mining

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Data Mining

DATA MINING: Applications and Trends Data mining has actually attracted a an excellent deal of fist in the information industry and

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Data Mining

Data Mining: What is Data Mining? overview Generally, data mining (sometimes referred to as data or understanding discovery) is the

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Data Mining MCQ’s Viva concerns 1: i m sorry of the following applied on warehouse? a) write only b) read just c) both a & b d) no one of these Answer - Click Here: B 2: Data have the right to be save , retrive and also updated in … a) SMTOP b) OLTP c) FTP d) OLAP price - Click Here: B 3: i m sorry of the complying with is a great alternative to the star schema? a) eye flake schema b) star schema c) star eye flake schema d) reality constellation prize - Click Here: D 4: trends that have the right to be found from a offered database room which type… a) more than one form b) Multiple type always c) One form only d) No specific form Answer - Click Here: A 5:Background understanding is… a) it is a kind of automatic learning. B) A neural network that renders use the a surprise layer c) The added acquaintance used by a finding out algorithm to facilitate the learning procedure d) no one of this Answer - Click Here: C 6: i m sorry of the complying with is true because that Classification? a) A subdivision that a collection b) A measure up of the accuracy c) The task of assigning a category d) all of these prize - Click Here: A 7: Data mining is? a) time different non-volatile repertoire of data b) The actual exploration phase that a understanding c) The stage of selecting the right data d) nobody of these Answer - Click Here: B 8: ——- is not a data mining functionality? A) Clustering and analysis B) selection and translate C) Classification and also regression D) Characterization and Discrimination prize - Click Here: B 9: i beg your pardon of the adhering to can likewise applied to various other forms? a) Data streams & succession data b) Networked data c) message & Spatial data d) all of these answer - Click Here: D 10:Which that the adhering to is general attributes or attributes of a target course of data? a) Data selection b) Data distinguish c) Data group c) Data Characterization answer - Click Here: D 11: ——– is the out put of KDD… a) ask b) helpful Information c) Data d) details Answer - Click Here: B 12: What is noise? a) ingredient of a network b) context of KDD and also data mining c) elements of a data warehouse d) no one of this Answer - Click Here: B Data mining is a device for allowing users to discover the covert relationships in data. True/False answer - Click Here: True Firms that are involved in emotion mining are evaluating data collected from? A. Social media sites. B. Thorough interviews. C. Focus groups. D. Experiments. E. Observations. Price - Click Here: A. Social media sites. Which of the complying with forms the data mining assigns records to one of a predefined collection of classes? (A). Group (B). Clustering (C). Both A and B (D). None Answer - Click Here: (B). Clustering What space the two main objectives associated with data mining? price - Click Here: to find hidden patterns and also trends space the two key objectives linked with data mining 1. What is the adaptive device management? a) maker language techniques b) device learning approaches c) device procedures methods d) none of this Answer - Click Here: B 2. An important process provided for using intelligent methods to extract the data patterns is called as … a) data mining b) data evaluation c) data implementation d) data computation prize - Click Here: A 3. Classification and also regression room the nature of… a) data analysis b) data manipulation’ c) data mining d) no one of this Answer - Click Here: C 4. A class of discovering algorithm that tries to find an optimum category of a collection of examples using the probabilistic theory is called as … a) Bayesian classifiers b) Dijkstra classifiers c) doppler classifiers d) every one of these price - Click Here: A 5. I m sorry of the adhering to can be offered for finding deep knowledge? a) stacks b) algorithms c) ideas d) nobody of this Answer - Click Here: C 6. We specify a ______ together a subdivison that a collection of examples into a number of classes. a) kingdom b) tree c) category d) selection Answer - Click Here: C 7. Group of similar objects the differ significantly from various other objects is named as … a) group b) cluster c) community d) none of this Answer - Click Here: B 8. Combine different kind of techniques or details is …. A) analysis b) computation c) stack d) hybrid price - Click Here: D 9. What i sthe surname of database having actually a collection of databases from various vendors, maybe using various database paradigms? a) homogeneous database b) heterogeneous database c) hybrid database d) no one of this Answer - Click Here: B 10. What is the strategic value of data mining? a) design sensitive b) price sensitive c) technological sensitive d) time sensitive Answer - Click Here: D 11. The lot of information with in data as opposed to the quantity of redundancy or noise is well-known as … a) paragraph content b) message content c) info content d) none of these Answer - Click Here: C 12. What is inductive learning? a) discovering by hypothesis b) finding out by examining c) finding out by generalizing d) nobody of these Answer - Click Here: C

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