Mozilla Firefox is an open-source totally free web browser that is used millions of people. Mozilla Firefox might not also come close to Chrome’s user base, but it still has actually its very own loyal customers who are much more than happy come stick with Firefox.

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However, Mozilla is not immune come bugs and issues. One worry that is repetitively reported by Firefox customers is that there are multiple Firefox processes to run in the background. Therefore the web browser reportedly i do not care slow and also even crashes. In this article, ns have discussed how to make Firefox disable multi processes running in the background.

Why walk Firefox have actually So numerous Processes?

The reason so many processes operation for a single window in Firefox is that it enhances the web performance significantly. Yet the web performance won’t matter to the customers if the web browser doesn’t work in the first place. Try to disable Firefox multi-process, which has actually been reported to be the main fix because that this issue.

How To inspect If Multiple processes Of Firefox Is Running?

If her Firefox has become slow and also you room unsure even if it is multiple processes of Firefox to run in the lift is leading to this issue, then you can check it in the task Manager. To use the task manager, follow the steps provided below:

Press the Ctrl + transition + Esc keys to open the job Manager.Select the Processes tab and see how numerous Firefox procedures are running in the background.


After that close the Firefox.

Now, inspect if the Firefox disabled multi processes or not.

Method 2: Disable Config Value

You can likewise use this method to disable Firefox multi-process. To perform it, follow the steps provided below:

Launch Firefox.Type about:config in the attend to bar and also press Enter.Click on the Accept the Risk and Continue option.In the about config search bar, type browser.tabs.remote.autostart.When the config value appears on your screen, change it come False by clicking the button next come it.

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Dan Moore says

December 5, 2021 at 5:21 pm

WHY does no one seem to care that these remedies don’t work? i don’t even GET the “hidden sub menu” once I shout turn off the use Recommended performance box. Nothing mr up allowing me to set a border on the number. This thing constantly crashes my entirety system as soon as it sprouts end a dozen processes. Wish someone could short article something the WORKS.