Here's our finish Fire Emblem Three homes tea guide, walking girlfriend through just how to host the perfect tea party in three Houses.

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You have the right to host a unique tea party in Fire Emblem Three houses with practically any personality in the Monastery, which offers you through an chance to increase your friendship with them. In our Fire Emblem Three dwellings tea guide, we"ll be taking you through whatever you need to do in order to gain the perfect tea party through a host of characters, consisting of Edelgard, Dorothea, Petra, Bernadetta, and also more.

Tea Parties

In Fire Emblem three Houses, one activity obtainable to you while you"re trying out the Monastery in a cost-free roam duration is tea time. To undertake this activity, you need to technique a character and speak to them. Then select the "invite to tea" option, and if lock haven"t got much walking on, they"ll expropriate the invite and a Three dwellings tea party is around to begin.

Now you"ll be inserted in a one-on-one scenario through them. Firstly, you need to pick a blend of tea to existing them with, based on the tea leaves you"ve gained so far playing Fire Emblem three Houses. There aren"t really any wrong answers here, as every personality in the game will accept any type of tea you current them with. Basically, the much better quality tea leaves, the better the conversation.

choose some tea pipeline to kick things off throughout a tea party in 3 Houses. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Which leads united state to the next component of a tea party. After presenting the character v tea, you"ll connect in 3 bouts the conversation choices with them. Because that each the these 3 instances, you"ll be gift with 3 conversation topics on screen, and asked to select one before the timer in the peak right edge runs out.

The an obstacle here is knowing which dialogue choice to select. It"s your project to decision what topics of conversation best suit the character the you"ve invite to tea. Because that example, Raphael from the gold Deer home is always keen to talk about weight lifting and training, but he won"t be so enthused by topics favor studying.

select the exactly topic the conversation for each character. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

After the three instances of selecting a subject to speak about, you"ll get a rating based upon your performance. Ratings the "nice tea time" or "perfect tea time" will reason the motivation levels the the character you invited to rise, and also giving a rise to their assistance level with you. Anything less than this, however, will result in no bonus for them.

Tea Party Answers

Considering what a minefield choosing topics of conversation have the right to be, we have the right to lend a help hand. Below, we"ve rounded up every the characters we"ve invited to a tea party so much in Fire Emblem 3 Houses, to current you with a list of every the correct Fire Emblem tea party answers.

CharacterTea Party correct Answers
AloisI"m count on you, tools upkeep, previous laughs
AsheShareable snacks, a ar you"d favor to visit
BernadettaA indigenous of advice, you"re doing an excellent work, favourite sweets
CasparFood, plans for the future, who you look up to
CyrilYour ambitions, gardening mishaps
DorotheaThings you find romantic, cute monks
EdelgardEquipment upkeep, a new gambit
FerdinandEvaluating allies, heart-racing memories, dining partners
FlaynThe library"s collection, dreamy knights, perfect recipes
HannemanA ar you"d prefer to visit, likeable allies
HildaDreamy knights, things you find romantic
HubertMonastery rules, Monastery mysteries, successful plots
IgnatzYou it seems ~ well, an initial crushes
IngridThings you discover romantic, the ideal professor, favourite sweets
LeonieYou"re doing great work, class you might enjoy, monastery mysteries
LinhardtThe arts of napping, cats, presents you"d favor to receive
LorenzCute monks, the best professor, analyzing allies, shareable snacks, thanks for everything
LysitheaThe library"s collection, a dinner invitation, the thrill the sweets, functioning together
MarianneMonastery rules, overcoming weaknesses, the visibility of Crests
PetraSwimming in the ocean, someone you look up to
ShamirEquipment upkeep, reputable allies,
SylvainFavorite sweets, potential training partners, an initial crushes

But it"s not over for your tea party in Fire Emblem Three residences once you"ve picked three conversation topics. If you"ve choose the best three conversation choices available, the character you"re having a tea party v will give you a small follow up dialogue line.

Pay close fist to this final line that dialogue. After this, you"ll need to pick the appropriate an answer to what they"ve simply said. You could be gift with options to one of two people "laugh," "nod," or "encourage" here, and it"s your task to enhance the appropriate response to what the character has actually just said.

For example, if Bernadetta has said something follow me the currently of coming the end of she shell more (as she regularly does), then you should shot and choose an option to "encourage" or "commend" she for trying. Execute this, and also you"ll have scored yourself a "Perfect" rating on your tea party, i beg your pardon hugely boosts not just your assistance rank through the character you"re sharing tea with, but likewise Byleth"s Charm rating.

How to Unlock Tea Time

Unlike the various other two activities detailed on this page, tea time isn"t easily accessible to it is in unlocked until the 2nd full month of Fire Emblem three Houses. Once you"re in the month that Blue Sea Moon, explore the Monastery at the first opportunity.

You"ll now have actually a search marker over in the stables, which will certainly be for Ferdinand. Approach and talk to Ferdinand, and also he"ll job you through finding and also someone who is a big fan of tea, and also giving them the an elaborate tea set he"s just noted you with.

deliver the tea collection gift come the personality to complete the quest. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Now bring up her map by pressing R. You"ll now have the ability to see who the character is that the video game wants girlfriend to deliver the tea collection to. We think this transforms depending top top which residence you"re allied to, yet it"s worth noting that Lorenz was our designated personality to supply the tea set to, while us were in the black Eagles house.

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Once you"ve delivered the tea set to Lorenz or one more character together a gift, you"ll have automatically completed the search from Ferdinand. At this point, you"ve effectively unlocked tea time as an activity around the Monastery. You deserve to now have a lovely Tea Party with personalities in Fire Emblem 3 Houses.