How to obtain a Dark Seal in Fire Emblem: three Houses

If you desire to end up being a Dark Mtastecraftedmcd.come, you"ll very first need come learn exactly how to gain a Dark Seal in Fire Emblem: three Houses. Be warned: the isn"t easy.

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There space a lot of selections you’ll have to make in Fire Emblem: three Houses, v some having much more impact 보다 others. During your an initial playthrough of the game, it deserve to be hard to tell which choices impact what. For example, when the fire Emperor invites girlfriend to join him. Do you accept, or execute you refuse? To help you do the finest choice, we’ve explained what every answer does and whether girlfriend should sign up with the fire Emperor in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses!

Should you join Flame Emperor in Fire Emblem: three Houses

When the flame Emperor asks you come join pressures in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses, you"re giventhe option to expropriate or refuse.© Koei Tecmo

One that the anttastecraftedmcd.comonists in Fire Emblem: Three houses is the fire Emperor. Quickly after act 1, you and also Jeralt will satisfy with the fire Emperor. It’s a it is too dirty meeting, and towards the finish the fire Emperor extends an exciting offer. Specifically, the fire Emperor asks if you want to join forces with him.

You have two responses to choose from here, involvement the cause or refusing to join the cause. Unequal other selections in Fire Emblem: three Houses, the an answer you provide doesn’t show up to have actually any influence on the game. If friend tastecraftedmcd.comree to join, the fire Emperor will certainly anger. He states he can tell you’re lying, and also that her hatred because that him is clear. That refuses your answer and leaves.

Meanwhile, if you to speak no the flame Emperor will certainly act smug and also note that he understands why you’d be apprehensive. After that, he’ll leave. The the 2 options, us feel it’s better to be direct with the fire Emperor and also say no when he asks you to sign up with forces. By speak no, you’ll gain the smoothest feasible outcome.

In the end though, there’s no way to actually join the fire Emperor, so the won’t issue whether you pick yes or no. The flame Emperor’s market isn’t genuine and he"ll refuseboth answers.

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