I'm playing via Path of Radiance and also just unlocked the base. I understand every little thing about the game so much except this option to "award bonus experience". I guess I can acquire added experience by beating chapters and also then use it to level up my team more?

What I'm wondering around this bonus exp is, is it fair? Does the game factor in that you will usage bonus endure and also increase difficulty accordingly, or will my units end up being super overpowered? Right now I have about 800 exp I think, and that renders a substantial difference.

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I want a fair, undiluted experience. Should I usage bonus exp or not?


The game doesn't care whether you use BEXP or not. In fact, I'm reasonably particular the game assumes you will certainly usage it, and also made the enemies more powerful to compensate. So just usage it.

Also, 1 bonus exp doesn't mean 1% of the bar, as soon as you obtain greater up in levels it takes even more bonus xp

The game is well balanced approximately it. It simply enables to focus on the leveling of different personalities, which allows you to play about via your main team and check out who you wanna save and who you don't wanna store.

800 isn't too a lot, it takes over 100 BEXP to level up previous level 8, so that's just a couple of level ups. In PoR the BEXP is the same to regular endure, so just use it to assist out someone who's lagging behind a little bit. I typically usage it to buff up healers a little or to round out people that almost leveled up in the previous chapter

I've frequently offered it it to keep Healers up to rate via my other systems as they are the classes that tend to lag behind the most.

Also bumping them up to 99 EXP and then going to fight is somepoint else I supplied to execute (I heard you could only get 3 stat ups in base as opposed to 7 in the field).

IIRC, PoR Bonus Experience gives stats simply favor regular suffer. It's the RD BEXP that gives a guaranteed 3 stat ups.

In PoR particularly, I discover my healers being the most basic devices to level. Once Soren promotes, he levels super quick making use of staves almost exclusively. He and Mist are usually my first to 20/20, except Ike.

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