Okay I"m in chapter 4 of the game, and I"ve found myself v lots of materials which I"m assuming will be used later on once I deserve to upgrade weapons, however I have actually very little gil and also I"m beginning to miss out on out on part items in ~ the shops. I"m skeptical to sell any kind of of the components due to the fact that I don"t desire to handcuff myself when it come time for upgrading weapons. Have to I proceed on not selling any kind of of my materials or space there some that I"m safe to walk ahead and sell in ~ this phase of the game? are there any type of that have actually no use various other than selling for gil, comparable to the loot in FFXII?
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While all components can be provided to update weapons, several of them are much better than others. You acquire the ability to upgrade tools in chapter 4, but lack accessibility to the materials needed to execute it efficiently for fairly a while. I"ll provide a perform of the most helpful components that the overview lists. If it"s not on this list, you have the right to sell it because that money and still be able to upgrade effectively once girlfriend get accessibility to this items.

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Organic ComponentsSturdy boneBarbed TailVibrant OozeOtherworldly BoneDiabolic TailTransparent OozeMechanical Combponents(from ideal to worst)Ultracompact ReactorParticle AcceleratorTesla TurbineSuperchargerTurbopropPerfect ConductorBomb CoreChobham ArmorSuperconductorKeeping those items will allow you to update items most efficiently; as much as I"m concerned, everything else can be sold for cash.Just to be fair, I"m relying quite heavily on the guide being exactly on this. I haven"t had actually a possibility to shot this myself yet, yet I will be in ~ the very first opportunity. I"m a little an ext willing to to trust this specific guide because it isn"t make by Bradygames. I"m thus assuming it"s precise until it"s proven otherwise. The hasn"t let me down so far, for this reason here"s hoping.

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I"m a little more willing to to trust this certain guide because it isn"t made by Bradygames. I"m as such assuming it"s specific until it"s proven otherwise. The hasn"t allow me under so far, so here"s hoping.

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I"m actually pretty disappointed through some techniques they list, since it put you through unnecessary pain, however that"s a different topic entirely.Personally, I suggest to usage them all, other than for the persons that cite in the description to sell. A the majority of the item the Piggyback overview suggest don"t become accessible until after, ideally, you begin upgrading her weapons.