Jet black Dye is dependable for being rare and also expensive. Below is exactly how you can get it in final Fantasy XIV.

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Final Fantasy 14 Jet black color Dye Collage
In Final Fantasy 14, various dyes room rather crucial when it comes to customising her character. Whether it is for your Fashion Report or for her glamour plate, obtaining the dye friend want deserve to be basic or tricky, relying on which dye you space after.

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Neutral water are rather easy to attain. They can be bought for Gil indigenous NPCs, gained from specific vendors, crafted, or also bought native the in-game marketplace. Special dyes, however, are a little trickier to obtain your hands on.

Updated November 29, 2021 through Ryan Bamsey: Black never really goes out of fashion, and that's true in both Eorzea and also the genuine world. We've added some much more information around where to discover pots the this stylish dye.

Final Fantasy 14 purchase jet black color dye
not to be puzzled with Soot black color Dye, which have the right to be acquired from the Ixali merchant or by do it, Jet black color Dye is lot rarer and much much more expensive.

The dye is prohibited indigenous the market and also is untradeable. Although, there space three methods in which friend can gain it.

Online Store

Retainer Ventures

as soon as you have actually a retainer, you may assign them tasks. They will certainly be sent on objectives for you and will frequently return with items ~ a certain amount of time.

For her retainer come (hopefully) bring you ago some Jet black Dye from one of their missions, castle must an initial be level ten. When at level ten, they can go on Quick Exploration, which are goals that last one hour. After these details missions, her retainer will return v a single item.

However, these items can vary native anything in between gear and also furniture to fish and also dyes. The is feasible for your retainer to carry you ago a Venture Coffer, i m sorry is an item that you must open yourself. This has actually a possibility of containing General-Purpose Jet black color Dye, i beg your pardon is identical to the Jet black Dye easily accessible on the Mogstation.

Sacks and Lockboxes

you may likewise find General-Purpose Jet black Dye within lockboxes and also sacks obtained in the Palace the the Dead, Heaven-on-High, top top the Bozjan southerly front, or the plains of Zadnor. Choose the venture Coffers, this items have actually a random chance of comprise the dye.

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Trading a gold Chocobo Feather v a Calamity Salvager.

To obtain a gold Chocobo Feather, who on her friends’ list must return to the video game using one invite that you have actually sent to them during a Callback Campaign. To perform this, right-click their name in her friends’ list and choose ‘Invite girlfriend to Return’ in the menu. Alternatively, you likewise earn them indigenous the recruitment a friend campaign.

There room then 3 Calamity Salvagers in i m sorry you deserve to trade a gold Chocobo Feather in exchange for 5 pots of Jet black color Dye. Lock are situated in the three complying with areas: Old Gridania (X: 10.0 Y: 8.4), Limsa Lominsa top Decks (X: 11.3 Y: 14.3), and Ul'dah - steps of Thal (X: 12.6 Y: 13.1).

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Final Fantasy 14 Jet black Dye and also Soot black color Dye comparison
Ultimately, Jet black Dye in last Fantasy 14 is a daunting and rarely item to acquire. A an excellent alternative the you deserve to opt because that is Soot black Dye if your attempts to acquire your hand on Jet black Dye come to be too expensive or difficult. Above is a comparison between Soot black Dye and Jet black Dye, therefore you deserve to see the minimal difference.

You can get Soot black color Dye from the following:

acquisition from the Ixali merchant in the phibìc Shroud in ~ (X:24.9, Y:22.7) Reward native Level 20 main Scenario search "The company You keep (Immortal Flames)" Reward native Level 21 Sidequest "A Porcine Plight" Reward from Level 70 Sidequest "Marks the the Monarch" feasible reward from the Level 60 Dungeon "The Fractal Continuum" handmade it via Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherwork, Weaver, Alchemist, or Culinarian recipe acquisition from the industry Board

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