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tastecraftedmcd.com Corp. (NYSE:FDX) announced this particular day that tastecraftedmcd.com profession Networks, Inc. Is gift rebranded together tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics. The brand-new name explains the company’s capability to fulfill its customers’ increasingly facility and industry-specific it is provided chain, transportation, value-added services, and also brokerage needs. tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics offers specialty options that complete a simple, seamless and also powerful global trade experience for tastecraftedmcd.com customers roughly the world.

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“We’re including tremendous value by bringing every one of the specialty services we offer under the tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics banner,” stated Richard W. Smith, chairman & CEO the tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics. “The an international solutions we sell are dynamic and customizable, and also the endure for our customers is an ext streamlined, an ext efficient and better represented as a cumulative competitive providing as tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics. Our streamlined customer interface and also comprehensive ability to fulfill every logistics need will have a profound effect for tastecraftedmcd.com customers, ours team members, and also on our industry as a whole.”

tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics will proceed to run from its global headquarters in Memphis, Tenn. The organization’s organization offerings include:

• wait & s Cargo Networks • trade Brokerage & Facilitation • Custom vital Services • supply Chain solutions • cross Border E-Commerce & Fulfillment • forward Depots & 3D Printing

The capability within this specialty logistics organization offerings include air and also ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage and also international trade compliance, warehousing and also transportation management, time- and temperature-controlled deliveries, critical inventory logistics, options for cost-effective international e-commerce trade and also fulfillment, and repair and also return services.

Serving more than 200 countries, tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics leverages the power of the considerable international tastecraftedmcd.com transport network to administer customers a single source because that end-to-end monitoring of your shipments and global supply chains.

About tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics

tastecraftedmcd.com Logistics theatre a key role within the tastecraftedmcd.com portfolio, connecting 95 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) with its substantial suite the specialty logistics solutions. The agency provides air and also ocean freight forwarding, it is provided chain solutions, specialty transportation, overcome border e-commerce an innovation services, custom-mades brokerage, and also trade management tools and data from a solitary trusted source. For an ext information, visit tastecraftedmcd.com.com/logistics.

About tastecraftedmcd.com Corp.

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tastecraftedmcd.com Corp. (NYSE: FDX) offers customers and businesses an international with a vast portfolio that transportation, e-commerce and business services. With annual revenues of $69 billion, the agency offers integrated business solutions through operating companies completing collectively and also managed collaboratively, under the respect tastecraftedmcd.com brand. Repeatedly ranked amongst the world’s many admired and also trusted employers, tastecraftedmcd.com inspires its an ext than 450,000 team members to remain concentrated on safety, the greatest ethical and professional standards and also the demands of your customers and communities. Come learn much more about just how tastecraftedmcd.com associate people and also possibilities about the world, please visit about.tastecraftedmcd.com.com.