This is an exploit for an ARM11 kernel vulnerability in Nintendo 3DS version svcBackdoor in ~ SVC numbers 0x30 and 0x7b.

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nedwill: Vulnerability discovery and exploit password for N3DS USA 11.2, fixes to acquire 100% stability

d3m3vilurr: discovered offsets for every versions the O3DS/N3DS, many bugfixes, ACL patching

Steveice10: SVC ACL inspect patch

kim-yannick: O3DS 11.2 support, rounding error fix

kade-robertson: Travis support

de0u: to teach me exactly how to find this bug

Luma3DS: svcBackdoor implementation bytes

waithax: some snippets related to finding svcBackdoor

If i missed anyone/anything, feel cost-free to ping me.


Binaries are obtainable on the release page. Otherwise, just run make through devkitpro and also ctrulib installed. This is a regular homebrew applications that is supposed to be launched as a .3dsx.

For homebrew application developers

User applications must not embed kernel manipulate code to ensure compatibility for future ARM11 kernel exploits, and also to allow updates to existing exploits.

All existing ARM11 kernel make use of projects (currently, waithax and this project) install a backdoor come SVC 0x30, as this SVC is initially stubbed, and always permitted by ACL. This method any process can operation code in the paper definition of the kernel there is no invasive kernel modifications.

SVC 0x7B is also available as a backdoor because that compatibility purposes.

For much more detailed code examples, please inspect Mrrraou"s snippets.

5 OpenMore issues

Help need installing or give to me

Useing new 3ds xl glaxyneed part one to teach me just how to isntallor setup it up because that mewill salary money

opened Dec 30, 2016 by spiritfire123123123213 73

Random freezes throughout exploitation process

I to be on o3DS 11.2E

I recognize that that isn"t supported yet, however the arbitrarily freeze is still weird, since it wake up while act the attempts and also hard-freezes, so just holding the power button for 5-10 seconds helps.

It does not tell any type of error or success messages, so it seems to freeze in ~ the time once it do the efforts the gyeongju or checks the results, whereby it normally should not execute anything other than trying the exploit.

That freeze would just make sense when the manipulate was successful, yet then it generally should tell girlfriend the success before.

opened Dec 30, 2016 by lotsa-spaghetti 69

<2DS 11.2.0-35E> Beta trial and error (summary changed)


First of all, not certain for just how long that must run, I"m quite new to this.

The process runs repeatedly until the very same step: the call to finalize_global_backdoor. Since I don"t know exactly how to debug, I"ve checked if the duty finished nevertheless its value and it is no returning.

I"m experimentation with this commit: 334fb291bbb8d769fcce332ac9e2e2d913306a07


opened jan 4, 2017 through ignaci0 34

Works yet fbi crashs

opened Dec 30, 2016 by spiritfire123123123213 27

Nothing because that O3DS/2DS?

Please do something because that this!

opened jan 1, 2017 by paradoX88988 21

Support much more n3ds versions

Remove magic values and introduce variation map tableAdd helper manuscript for detect address

but just test n3ds 10.3 :)

opened jan 2, 2017 through d3m3vilurr 21


Please help! are you gonna rlease fasthax because that 11.5?

opened Sep 11, 2017 through ilkerdongel 1

fasthax because that 11.3?

fasthax because that 11.3??

opened Mar 10, 2017 by DerekTheKing 5

Will fasthax ever before come earlier to 3DS?

Will girlfriend ever develop a new fasthax for world who wanna obtain CFW on their 3ds or is it end now?

opened Mar 3, 2017 through Psionic8 9

An problem compiling / even cleaning fasthax

Sorry to stroked nerves you however I have an issue.I am trying to make a mode of her fasthax to authomatically boots a payload (safehax style) ~ fasthax it"s complete.The problem is that even you "untouched" code offers me error compiling... And also not only compiling, additionally on "make clean" lol.My dekitpro it"s up to day (1.6.0)

Here space some screenshots:

I will certainly appreciate your help a lot.Thanks in advance.

opened Feb 3, 2017 by HWNJ 2

Fasthax concern (freeze) 2DS

ned, if friend run various other homebrew app (note: the was provided for educational proposes) before run fasthax, after getting the blog post error, and return to homebrew and run fasthax, it will freeze at first attempt. Experiment on 2DS 11.2E. I had to force the shutdown by hold the power button in order to get ago to normal.

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