I"ve to be really slow-moving on gunboat trees, and also with every the speak of ranked gift T6, I believed I would lastly get the Farragut. So, exactly how do you Farragut?My present set-up is together follows:

Still not totally upgraded, yet I don"t think I want to get the C hull. Magazine upgrade

Main Battery mode 2 (is this needed)? Damage manage 1Propulsion ModCaptain (9-pt)Preventative MaintenanceExpert Marksman (is this needed)? SuperintendentI understand I need the Mk 12 torps and Mark 6 fire control. Functioning on those. I"m guessing, girlfriend sit in exhilaration a lot and also shoot. Or shoot and WASD a lot. What rather is there? 

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Posted June 9, 2017

You don"t need expert Marksman if you"re walk to use this captain up the technology tree, yet it can be handy throughout those beforehand tiers wherein turrets were hand-pushed.

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Core Skilss

1: Preventative Maintenance

2: critical Stand 

3: BFT (it"s her beeest friend)

4: Concealment


Those pistol arcs space horrid because that shooting long range. Command a entirety ton, and hold her left button.


Main Armaments 1

Aiming mods 1

Propulsion mode 1

For the last one it"s your choice. In smoke, if you find yourself trying to walk forward or ago quick enough to protect against torps, obtain Engine mode 1. Ir you discover yourself make the efforts to command a lot, choose Steering mode 1.

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Posted June 9, 2017

1. Sail just brief of spotting distance from enemies.

2. Acting up.

3. ???

4. Profit!

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Posted June 9, 2017

Take DE as quickly as you can (but be sure to take it BFT and CE first) - and also she have the right to be a handy small fire starter.


The video below is indigenous the ranked season which started off in ~ T6 (and then checked out T8) - and also features a enhance in which I began 26 fires in her.

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Posted June 9, 2017

My $ .02 top top Farrgut build.


I normally play B-Hull; I"d just play C-hull if queuing with a CV or other case where i am i was sure there will certainly be CV(s) in the match. For Ranked i would absolutely play B-hull unless for some factor there"s loads of CVs in the queue.




Slot 1 -- In general, I find the Mag upgrade completely unecessary as I currently have a stock of end 300 Juliet Charlie Flags indigenous Missions and also Crates; I usage a JC flag every time ns take a DD out and also I still seem to knife them faster than i burn them. Therefore I usage MAM1 in this slot. But if you find yourself in brief supply of JC flags, then the Mag Upgrade might be valuable to you.


Slot 2 -- I carry out not recommend main Battery mode 2. Turret traverse on the Farragut is quite good (best of any type of T6 DD)), and IMHO doesn"t really require buffing. ASM1 or AAMod1 are much better choices. I use AAMod1 as USN DD guns are already so exact I find the advantage of ASM1 come be really marginal. The Farragut"s AA isn"t good but every tiny bit helps, specifically when you need to shoot down among those pesky spotting planes quickly.


Slot 3: I use Propulsion mode 1 in this slot; shedding your engine in a DD yes, really sucks and also Damage manage Party recharges really quick on DD for this reason there"s much less need because that DC1.


Slot 4: I choose Propulsion mode 2 in this slot. Steering mode 2 is likewise viable, however I feel the Farragut"s rudder change is already great enough without.


Captain Skills:


1-point: I use Preventative Maintenance. Priority Target is likewise useful if you choose to come run and gun external smokes frequently.


2-point: ALWAYS gain Last Stand as your very first 2-point ability on DDs. DDs are very susceptible come engine and also rudder incapacitation and also if you shed either one while your repair is ~ above cooldown, you space dead. I carry out not consider Expert Marksman worth it ~ above the Farragut together the turret traverse is currently pretty good. Adrenaline rush is very worth it as a later on pickup.


3-point: Survivabilty Expert, BFT, Superintendent, and also Demolition experienced are every good. Which come get first is an individual preference. I favor Superintendent first, Survivability expert second, and then Demolition skilled third, if I have actually the points for it.

See more: Rank The Following Elements By Electron Affinity, From Most Positive To Most Negative Ea Value


4-point: Concealment expert is a offered as an initial pickup here. I favor Radio place aka RPF together a second 4-point pickup, yet a lot of players don"t choose this skill and prefer to spend the clues elsewhere. I will certainly say that it take away a while come learn how to usage RPF well, and also you need to be careful due to the fact that it"s a skill that can actually it is in turned versus you. RPF is also a ability that"s much much more useful because that Ranked play where the teams space smaller and the gameplay really focused around the caps, 보다 it is for random play.