fallout 4: 10 Storylines the Were never ever Resolved over there are countless many questions covert in the lore the Fallout, yet these unresolved storylines stick out to fans.

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fallout 4
v Fallout"s new salvation by Microsoft, plenty of fans are hoping that the brand-new management will administer the way necessary come devote much more time to the autumn Franchise and maybe also get part answers to some concerns that have been brewing since the inception of the wasteland and the civilization the autumn takes location in.

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The video game is additionally the many recent in the timeline of the gamings universe therefore the concerns left indigenous this game can not be answered till Fallout 5. Over there are numerous many questions surprise in the lore of Fallout, discovered in terminals, and also by listening come holotapes however these 10 unresolved storylines stick the end the most.

Zetan Aliens
The people of Fallout is full of mythical creatures and urban legends concerned life, and also it also has aliens. Through Fallout 3"s DLC, Mothership Zeta, players learned that the Zetan Aliens, a gyeongju of extraterrestrials that they soon acquire the opportunity to face.

Fallout 4 likewise references this aliens and also one deserve to even discover stuffed toys resembling the aliens and also comic books, games, and also radio play about the alien. Yet neither video game answers the inquiry of where these aliens came from and why they room on Earth.

Ol Peg
through the Far Harbor DLC in Fallout 4, football player learn around a mysterious large whale saw out in ~ sea assumed to it is in a ghoul. As a player, one meets a caravan worker in the harbor and also he tells of exactly how his grand saw the ghoul whale one day and also it was nicknamed Ol" Peg. But players have actually explored the area, and also although numerous whale skeletons are found, none are named Ol" Peg.

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One concept is that Ol" Peg was claimed to be had in the game but was reduced when functions like underwater exploring and also underground bunkers never ever made it into the game. Maybe a future DLC or fallout 5 will include these features and players can lastly uncover Ol" Peg"s skeleton or conference the beast in the flesh.

Children of atom
In Fallout 4 players come throughout a team of cultists that speak to themselves the children of Atom. Currently as much as the human being of Fallout go this is not that bizarre but what is bizarre is the reality that the colony"s home base is inside a very radioactive area called the glow Sea, that renders anyone else without the appropriate armor dead or turned into a ghoul, after too much exposure.

Is there really an entity named Atom protecting them indigenous the radiation or is there something else players are missing? No one yes, really knows for sure yet some theories are that they have gathered a yongin to the radiation as result of the little exposure over time, or the they are in the at an early stage stages that ghoulification.

7 What"s The deal With All The Gnomes?

All The Gnomes
In Fallout 4 girlfriend can discover random teddy bears, mannequins, and other toys arranged in odd and also often funny positions, which pan assume is just the video game makers having actually some fun or it"s blamed top top the raiders. However with the enhancement of the much Harbor DLC, this exercise seems to expand to garden gnomes.

They are anywhere in Fallout 4 but specifically, Far Harbor seems to have an abundance of them, and also like a hilarious fear movie premise, numerous of them posed roughly skeletons in threatening positions, also holding weapons. The is enough to do players wonder if the gnomes somehow concerned life or if who in the wasteland that took too lot psycho and also is having method too lot fun v the once whimsical garden ornaments.

The original Fallout game and every one of its sequels have actually taken location in America, through Fallout 4 taking place in what would be the future Boston, Massachusetts. And while there is a lot of of history and information about the state that America and the government, or absence thereof, once the bombs dropped, players never discover what happened to the rest of the world.

No interaction seems to have developed between America and anywhere else because the bombs dropped and that appears to note that perhaps the remainder of the people is just...gone?

5 Is the Sole Survivor A Synth?

once a player it s okay closer come the end of Fallout 4 they find that their kid Shaun is currently a 60-year-old guy working in ~ the Institute that goes by Father. If that isn"t confusing sufficient he likewise created a synth of himself as a boy in an initiative to entice the sole survivor, his father/mother over there to the institute.

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This alone isn"t the secret but the Far harbor DLC to add a question to this story. "Are you sure you aren"t a synth?" is asked by one NPC synth called DIMA. This arbitrarily line in a DLC wouldn"t be lot on that is own however if you pair that through the reality that in a terminal in ~ the institute there is a document of every the escaped synths and one has yet to be recovered, with the handle S9-43. Very comparable to the code given to synth Shaun, S9-23.

If players ventured come Concord in fallout 4, they more than most likely came across The Museum of Freedom. The museum functions memorabilia and photos commemorating the history of America before the bombs, many of which align with what players recognize of the post-apocalyptic world. Yet one details event could stick out to players together strange.

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One of the exhibits mentions the there was a battle that took location in the Sea the Tranquility, which according to the game, is located on the moon. A plaque near the exhibit mentions how U.S. Soldiers fought a hard fight there to protect America. But this is the only mention of together a war and also it leader players to ask, when and why walk this happen and who exactly was the U.S. Soldiers fighting?

3 The mystery Of the Dunwick Bores Mine

while wandering around The Commonwealth, players will certainly often uncover themselves literally face to face with a substantial steelhead. The head is regularly seen being worshiped and also it even shows up to cause those who go close to it to hallucinate.

The steelhead is discovered near the Dunwick Bores Mine and could define why the Dunwick Bores firm is therefore interested in mining that particular area but none that the storylines have however to explain why they are so interested in these statues and where the event came from, as well as it gift hinted at that the heads are tied to an old civilization.

players who prefer to use V.A.T.S. In the game will an ext than likely have actually come across the suitably titled, "Mysterious Stranger". That is a man wearing a fedora that pops in and helps shoot enemies prior to randomly poofing away.

When traveling through Diamond City in autumn 4, players can pick to help out Detective Nick Valentine, a synth that is obsessed with finding out the identification of this mysterious stranger. Unfortunately, during the entirety time Nick is a companion, he never seems to number out this mystery. And also if a infamous private eye can"t solve this one perhaps he"s supposed to continue to be mysterious.

1 that Dropped The an initial Bomb?

one of the biggest mysteries of all has actually yet come be addressed in the fallout universes is that course, that dropped the bomb that started it all. There are obvious culprits that course, favor China, what v the liberator bots, and also the many terminal entries the talk about the ongoing war v the country. Yet there is also Vault-tec itself.

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The first person you meet external of your family members as a player is a vault-tec representative moments prior to the bomb actually drops near your house. No to cite all the nefarious experiments they conducted on vault dwellers.