So i posted about this critical night yet it regrettably got buried under the posts of computer problems(I obtain it guys, I'm i m really sorry for your troubles). But it seems that one of two people Final leave or An ounce of Prevention may be bugged, or at the very least for me. Prior to yesterday's beta ns left turn off at simply completing "Learn about the Inoculation project" and had simply received An ounce of avoidance to continue the quests, but upon logging in yesterday An ounce of avoidance does not show up in my search list. Currently to mention, I currently tried troubleshooting the difficulty by rereading all terminal entries found roughly Morgantown Airport, rereading all Notes in mine inventory, and also listening to every Holotapes.

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Has anyone rather encountered this in this quest? Or disappearing searches in general?


Yes, had actually a similar problem v this quest. The search marker is incorrect. That is not in the terminal, it's in among those big hangers. Ns happened across the exactly terminal doing another quest wherein it stated something around Inoculation Project. Review through it and also got the quest credit.

Hmm, possibly I didn't describe it thuroughly haha. Yeah i -did- have actually the quest prior to yesterday's beta, however now i don't have it, also after reading all the terminal entries around the entire Morgantown airplane area (which contains the hangars behind the airplane terminal). It has nothing to execute with an energetic quest marker, the quest merely disappeared from my pipboy quest list and also now I can no longer attain it v the original technique I obtained the pursuit from.

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Had a pest at the airport indigenous the quest where that told me to hear to the holotapes and I gained stuck ~ above holotape 4 whereby if wouldnt proceed after i listened to it.

Was that the Overseer's Holotapes? What pursuit was it? key quest line choose the ones ns posted around or next quest/misc?

I have this problem, except for the mission prior to that one (where you go to Morgantown Airport). I left the beta critical time v that pursuit (I forget the name, but it's the key quest ~ Flatwoods), and also when ns logged in this particular day it is no in my quest log whatsoever. Ns listened come every holotape connected with the quest and also I've gained literally nothing. I don't recognize if it's simply the questline that's glitched or if these are separate problems but at the very least it's not simply you?

I've viewed a few mentions about this now, specifically the Holotape 4 gift the one that's bugged. This is the Responders progressed Training side quest Responder Patrol, which like I said I was able to complete so it's not totally bugged. Hopefully morning it will be addressed for you!

IF friend didn't resolve this already, ns did through dropping the tape, leaving the sever and then authorized a brand-new game and also going to the tape on that game

So frustrated best now. I just finished the motherlode search as ns was make the efforts to acquire to the Med facility for An ounce of Prevention and the game kicked me turn off the server. Now the pursuit is gone! I carry out NOT want to begin it every over but I to be not sure what rather to do. Any type of advice?