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The tower has an open terminal which you have the right to use to amplify the signals in the area. Doing for this reason will permit your Pip-Boy to obtain three new signals:Raider Radio SignalDistress SignalCivil Alert device Broadcast

You could encounter a power-armored NPC named Duke phibìc of the relay tower. Talk to him and also he’ll placed the Atom cats Garage’s ar in her map.

Signal SourcesThe Distress Signal is uncovered in the underground shelter in Fiddler\"s eco-friendly Trailer Estates. Inspect the location\"s web page to situate the shelter\"s entrance.The polite Alert mechanism Broadcast is being broadcasted indigenous a ham radio within the armed forces bunker in ~ the base of the satellite dish of the ft Hagen Satellite Array. Examine the location\"s web page to situate the bunker\"s entrance.The Raider Radio Signal emanates from one more underground bunker NW the the relay tower. Just follow that general direction and also you\"ll discover a steel fabrication through the bunker entrance alongside it. The bunker is really tiny so you\"ll only discover the ham radio and Novice locked chem cooler inside.


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