The runner X6-88 is just one of the companions in autumn 4. He is equipped with high-tech weapons. The is one invaluable companion in fallout 4. Through him you have actually a an excellent chance come succeed. Violence is not a must, yet sometimes simply necessary. If you space interested in X6-88 together your companion, us will present you how you have the right to recruit his companion and also increases the partnership with him.

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Unlike Curie, X6-88 is a robot with human being appearance. To discover X6-88, you have to follow the key quest to walk to the institute. Girlfriend will accomplish the dad of the institute and you have to join his organization. Then he will certainly send girlfriend on your an initial quest Synth Retention, once you capture a Synth. In ~ the stated location, X6-88 is waiting for her support.
However, prior to you deserve to recruit him together a companion, friend still have actually to finish quests the fight of Bunker Hill and Mankind Redefined, you will get these native the Institute.
As jogger X6-88 is built for battle and also brings his capability fully. He will feel your adversaries long prior to you can see them yourself. Many thanks to his warning you can avoid a surprised attack. Equipped through a gun-Institute, he causes high energy damage to enemies and also is a advantageous guide once you have made decision yourself against violence. Far-ranging weaknesses: he has actually none.

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This companion is a robot and also he is no enthusiastic about Emotional. Therefore, you should always act geared in the direction of the mission goal in his firm and action obstinate. The finest non-violent, due to the fact that that impression him even more.

X6-88 is no interested in romance. Also, there space no companion quests. You can only maximize relationship level by optimistic actions.
Once you have reached the maximum relationship level with X6-88, girlfriend will get the adhering to perk / ability as a reward:
We additionally give you travel guide to the various other companions in autumn 4:DogmeatPiperPreston GarveyPaladin DanseStrongNick ValentineCaitMacCreadyCurieDeacon Hancock


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