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DEF_UI HUDMenuSet UltrawidescreenRecommended
Horizon 1.8 and Truby9 Ultrawide - UI compatibility patch
TRUBY9 ULTRAWIDE 2.4 aspect ratio patch
TRUBY9 ULTRAWIDESCREEN much better Wait food selection compatibility fix
TRUBY9 ULTRAWIDESCREEN favourite Menu rapid Item switch compatibility fix
TRUBY9 ULTRAWIDESCREEN LevelUpMenuEx compatibility fix
TRUBY9 ULTRAWIDESCREEN Vignette Be gone compatibility fix

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JohnDoeBowler : For original conversion the the strength armor rainbox and loadscreen structure fix, because that which I have actually explicit permission come use.

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Version 1.5.11b public BETA

>Fixed: Workshop 3D symbols now sit and autorotate properly in ultra wide.>Fixed: strength Armor HUD now properly shows quest markers and waypoints again.

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Finally, after practically an entire year, the latest Beta relax of TruBy9™ is currently live!  Be conscious that through this gift a BETA release, and also not a complete stable build, there might still be plenty the bugs present. You re welcome report any type of bugs you come across in the appropriate "BUGS" tab that this forum. TruBy9 now finally has compatibility patches had for DEF_UI, XDI, Horizon, HUDFr, and also LooksMenu!Thank friend so lot for the undying support and motivation. Enjoy! -ZaliaSP.S: It"s good to be back!This mod is 100% standalone and DOES NOT work with Flawless Widescreen!
TruBy9™ Fallout 4
Creating a True Ultra-Wide autumn 4 Experience!

What does the do?
TruBy9™ converts pack screens, sprites, 3D icons, and also all HUD aspects (including the strength Armor and Workshop menu) to appropriate 21:9 aspect ratio, WITHOUT the use or require of Flawless Widescreen, by correctly patching the game"s user user interface assets. Includes a select-able installer, with much more resolutions and aspect ratios aimed come be sustained in the close to future.**Includes an ESP document attached come an INI that is compelled to be enabled to settle the power Armor HUD and also Workshop menu. TruBy9™ supports 2 User user interface scaling alternatives during install. "Default UI Scale" which is equal to the vanilla UI size, and the "TruBy9 UI Scale", which offers much more screen room by reduce the overall size the HUD and menu elements.
TruBy9™"s custom FOMOD permits you to simply install with Vortex or Mod Organizer 2.
Before Installing
*Make certain to REMOVE widescreen.ba2 if you are at this time using the mod Widescreen fix, and delete that validation in your Fallout4.ini under the section. It is no needed, as TruBy9™"s purpose is to replace it. Keeping that will dispute with this patch and break the user interface!1. Navigate to her Fallout 4 Folder situated in "Documents\My Games\Fallout 4"2. Open Fallout4.ini with your favorite message editor (I use Notepad++).3. Modify the following lines in her Fallout4.ini;bInvalidateOlderFiles=1sResourceDataDirsFinal=^^ leaving it empty ^^3. Save and also close Fallout4.ini This enables your game to be correctly modded, informing the video game to pack ANY and also ALL below folders from the root \Data folder, and also actually enhances loading times as result of how assets space scanned for and loaded. Next, monitor the prerequisite to edit below, download the mod, verify the "TruBy9.esp" plugin is active in your mod menu (last in fill order), and you need to be golden. 
*If you"d rather not need to worry about manual INI changes, I extremely recommend the supervisor easy-to-use Fallout 4 configuration Tool through Bilago!
___________________________________________________________Edit your Fallout4Prefs.ini file located in Documents\My Games\Fallout4, under  section and include your 21:9 resolution:iSize W=2560 | 3440 iSize H=1080 | 1440For Fullscreen:bFull Screen=1bBorderless=1For Borderless:bMaximizeWindow=1bBorderless=1For exactly FOV:*(FOV in the development Engine is Hor+ (Horizontal Plus). This means that the upright perspective is fixed, when increasing/decreasing the FOV broadens or to reduce the clearly shows Horizontal peripheral. Also high will cause "Fish Eye", while also low will cause a feeling of claustrophobia.)Edit Fallout4.ini file located in same catalog as above:fDefaultWorldFOV=75 ; *This affects 3rd Person FOV. Values between 74 - 86 is recommendedfDefault1stPersonFOV=94 ; *This affects first Person FOV. Values between 86 - 105 is recommendedfDefaultFOV=90 ; *Add this line, as this affects perspective watch (weapon models, pip boy, etc)Changing FOV v Consolefov 90 94 ; *You will have to get in this every time you fill your game, as this does no retain in video game save or conserve within the INI. Very first number is view FOV, 2nd number is 1st Person FOV.!!! DO NOT execute saveini in console, as this will conserve a practice mod-dependent Fallout4.ini in your \Data folder! !!!___________________________________________________________
Fallout 4 script Extender (F4SE) - Extends the maximum permitted scripts to it is in called, improving multi-mod compatibility and progressed culling.Unofficial fallout 4 Patch - A finish overhaul settle for fallout 4, committed to making certain you have the best bug-free experience!Fallout 4 configuration Tool - simple to use advanced configuration tool designed to adjust any and everything girlfriend want ideal from a tradition launcher!
TruBy9™ Skyrim - creating a True 21:9 original Skyrim Experience!
TruBy9™ SkyrimSE - Creating a True 21:9 Skyrim one-of-a-kind Edition Experience!
Ultra Widscreen Patches - Provided the impetus for TruBy9™ to pick up whereby it left off and also the awesome work-related on the PA Rainbox.Widescreen fix The initial widescreen fix.

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PA Rainbox HUD FixThe initial Power Armor Rainbox fix.DEF_UI - Neanka, Valdacil, Old Nick, ParasiteX, sekoms, IravegaHorizon - zawinulExtended dialogue Menu - reg2k and also NeankaHUD Framework - reg2kLooksMenu - Expired6978