Either you’ve just come earlier to Megaton after completing the Rivet City Run (huzzah!), or you chickened out. Either way, you’re at Megaton. Before we head inside and execute any kind of of that questy stuff, let’s have a talk about the kinda-sorta vital wandering sellers that prowl the Wasteland also.

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Tbelow are 4 of them, each selling a range of goodies. Crazy Wolfgang sell junk, if you need a Tin Can, Crutch, or some other component for a Schematic, he’s your guy. Crow sells armor and garments, Doc Hoff sells drugs, and by drugs, he implies anypoint that can be consumed. Finally and most imporantly Lucky Harith sells guns and ammo.

They wander the Wastelands, making stops at Canterbury Commons, Paradise Falls, Evergreen Mills, Agatha’s House, Megaton, and also Rivet City. In Canterbury Commons you deserve to talk to Uncle Roe and invest in their caravans, broadening their inventories and also easily accessible Caps, which is in eincredibly method beneficial for you once you beginning hauling in Gatling Lasers, Enclave Power Armor, Tri-Beam Laser Rifles, Plasma Rifles, and ther expensive toys. Also, they’ll give you presents for investing in them! That’s a methods off, however, as we have actually nowright here near the money nor the should invest in anything other than our prompt survival.

They also offer a number of Schematics, as listed above, once you deserve to afford them. Be warned, yet, that the development is not nice to these vendors. A single Albino Radscorpion deserve to conveniently kill one, its Brahmin, and any kind of bodyguard they could have. Make it a priority to get those Schematics off of them while they’re still approximately. You don’t desire to obtain to level 30 only to uncover out Doc Hoff has actually been killed and also there’s no means you have the right to get his Schematic for the Nuka Grenade. Anythat, you’ve been warned. Now, onward-to Megaton!


Schematics are plans that enable you to develop distinct tools at a Workbench. This isn’t the just method these tools have the right to be derived, but it’s the the majority of common. When you score at least one Schematic for a weapon, you can create said weapon. Multiple Schematics of the very same kind boost the produced weapon in some way: enhancing its base durcapability, requiring fewer components or creating more of shelp weapon.


Although Crazy Wolfgang sells Pre-War Books, the type of book he sells is various than the type Scribe Yearling will certainly be trying to find (watch the Arlington Library.) For one, Wolfgang’s books are worth 5 Caps each, not one, and also their symbol is the junk symbol, not a bunch of books

2) Lucas Simms: Mayor, and Sheriff - (Megaton)

When you arrive inside you’ll be greeted by Lucas Simms. He’ll tell you some information about Megaton. Ask him about the bomb and also offer to disarm it. He’ll offer you 100 Caps, yet you have the right to get him to raise it to 500 via a successful Speech challenge.. and also you can also, the 400 additional Caps will come in handy. At this phase in the game, this can require a couple of save/tons, however the additional caps are worth it. Also, if you agree to aid him you have the right to ask him around your dad… he’ll be more talkative now, ultimately sfinishing you to Moriarty for even more indevelopment.

3) Walter’s Water Worries - (Megaton - Water Treatment Plant)

Head west, previous the Sheriff’s house, and also up a ramp to the Water Processing Plant. Inside in the time of the day, or outside at night you have the right to frequently uncover an old guy named Walter. Ask him what you deserve to execute to assist, and he’ll tell you to go approximately looking at pipes for leaks.

Now that you have that pursuit, head ago to the entrance of town and also go down the ramp leading south. On your left you’ll discover the initially leaky pipe, and you’ll require a Repair skill of 30 or even more to settle it, which is nothing for me. Now head south and go around the left of the bomb when you reach it and up some stairs to the south-east… stairs, not a ramp. Along the stairs to your right, you’ll find the second leak. The last leak is much trickier to discover, as it’s on the roof of the Children of the Atom structure. From wbelow you are, head up the stairs till you reach the wall of Megaton, then follow it about to the west. Go past Moriarty’s and the Men’s Restroom and dvery own the stairs resulting in Craterside Supply. From the door to Craterside supply, head east and look listed below the Power of the Atom globe. You have to check out the leaky pipe merrily spewing water simply under it. Save your game and also jump from the Craterside Supply platform to the roof the pipe is on and fix it. Whew! Now head east and go to the lower roof, and also finally down to the ramp. Sure beats jumping down, eh?

Go earlier to Walter and also tell him you fixed the pipes. You’ll gain a whopping 100 suffer points and also 200 caps for your trouble, and also he’ll market to profession money for any kind of Scrap Metal you discover. This is by much the finest perk of completing his pursuit, as he’ll provide you caps for what is otherwise garbage, and also you’ll likewise obtain five experience for each piece of Scrap Metal you bring him. Now head over to Moriarty’s Saloon.


It’s not a bad idea to stockpile Scrap Metal, and revolve a whole bunch of it in as a whole for enormous XP gains. If you remainder in a bed you own/rent before hand, the short-lived Well Rested perk will offer you a 10% XP bonus, which is well worth exploiting right here.

4) The Courier wink (Megaton - Moriarty’s Saloon)

You’ll hear Gob complaining around the GNR netoccupational, and- depfinishing that is around-Nova and Jericho chastising him for it. Go talk to Lucy West, the blonde girl sitting to the ideal of the door. She’ll ask you to provide a message to her family members in Arefu, which triggers the search “Blood Ties” . We’ll be delaying this one for a while, yet it doesn’t hurt to pick it up now, eh?

5) Mister Burke’s Explosive Proposition

More to the ideal you’ll discover a guy in white named Mister Burke. He’ll chat you up if you obtain too cshed and also ask you to perform the opposite of what Lucas Simms asked you to do-detonate the bomb in the middle of Megaton. All you have to do is affix a Pulse Charge to the bomb, and also you’ll acquire paid. You deserve to make a Speech attempt to scrounge 500 added caps off of him, prefer via Lucas. If you have the Babsence Widow perk you deserve to bypass the Speech check, or convince Mister Burke to ssuggest leave the negative town alone. You need to attempt to succeed at the Speech obstacle simply for the suffer, and also as soon as done, ask Burke what to perform if you can’t collection the charge. He’ll tell you about Leo Stahl. So… time to take a trip to the Water Treatment Plant at night.

6) Leo’s Addiction

Wait until nightfall… unless it already is, of course (lucky you!), then head to the Water Treatment Plant, wbelow you need to discover Leo Stahl sitting by a desk in the back room. Pick the initially alternative multiple times to acquire a Speech check, which shouldn’t be also tough compared to Mister Burke and Lucas. Convince him to get off drugs and you’ll gain a 100 suffer suggest reward, and he’ll offer you the key to his stash, which is a wonderful treasure trove of meds and over 100 Caps.

7) To Boom, or Not to Boom?

Now, there are 3 means to address Megaton’s bomb, in-depth over the next 3 steps-you need to check out them all, and also pick the choice that intrigues you the the majority of.

Tattle on Mister Burke

This is the Good Karma option… although the tattling itself is optional. If you run earlier and also tell Lucas, he’ll gain riled up and pertained to attend to Mister Burke. Naturally, he puts Mister Burke under arremainder, and also simply as naturally Mister Burke decides to shoot Lucas via a Silenced 10mm Pistol as quickly as his back is turned. You deserve to pre-empt Burke by shooting him in V.A.T.S. as he’s preparing to shoot Lucas… but if they both die, you’re not acquiring any reward. If Lucas lives, you deserve to disarm the bomb and also claim your reward… and gain Mister Burke’s Scoped .44 Magnum and also his nifty clothes. The ideal means, as much as rewards go (monetary, gear, and also XP), is to use Speech to get Burke to pay you extra, then go acquire Leo Stahl off drugs, tattle on Burke and kill him prior to Lucas bites it, and then end up the mission… This technique gets you Burke’s gear, Leo’s drugs, and also a good bit of additional search XP.

Disarm the Bomb

If you simply disarm the bomb, Mister Burke will certainly be none also happy. Talk to Lucas Simms for your reward of 100 caps (or 500, if you supplied Speech to get him to offer you more) and also 300 endure. Also, you’ll get your very own cozy hovel in Megaton, which is the real prize right here.

Plant the Pulse Charge

If you go along with Mister Burke, you can tell him you don’t think you’re as much as the task and also he’ll tell you to view Leo Stahl about obtaining something to aid you out… by this he suggests drugs. If your Explosives skill is under 25, go view Leo in the Water Processing Plant. You can convince him to offer you drugs, or if your Speech is high enough you have the right to get him to quit and take his stash. Popping a box of Mentants deserve to temporarily raise your Perception by as much as 5 points (to a maximum of ten, of course), which will subsequently raise your Explosives skill by as much as ten points. If that’s still not enough… you’re going to either have to obtain some garments that boosts your stats, or go out and also level up.

Assuming you have actually an Explosives score of 25 (prior to or after Mentats), put the Pulse Charge on the bomb and go meet Burke in Tenpenny Tower, which is far to the south-west of Megaton (simply follow the pursuit marker for this one). Once you get tbelow, ask to see Mister Burke, go up the elevator to reach the Penthome Suites, let the guard open the door to Tenpenny’s room and go via the double doors to the balcony. Talk to Mister Burke and also then activate the remote detonator, and watch among Fallout 3’s more iconic scenes. Best if perceived at dusk. You’ll gain the conventional primary quest reward of 300 suffer, 500 Caps, or 1000 if you provided Black Widow or Speech on Burke, and also your very very own Penthome in Tenpenny Tower.


If you decide to side through Mister Burke, consider completing all of the Megaton pursuits first, and be sure to grab the Bobblehead - Strength before you blow Megaton up. You deserve to not acquire it after destroying Megaton. If you grab the Bobblehead - Strength early, don’t finish the pursuit “Those!” until you have actually the Ala lot of Perfect perk. Then you deserve to choose Ant Might and carry your Strength up to an hocolony ten.

Note: Weapon Info (Silenced 10mm Pistol):

The Silenced 10mm Pistol is slower in V.A.T.S., but is otherwise identical to the normal 10mm Pistol. What the silencer does, who knows? It doesn’t seem to assist you reprimary undetected once making sneak assaults, particularly because you more than likely won’t be killing anything terribly dangerous in one swarm via it.


If you act against Mister Burke in Megaton, he’ll send a squad of Hitmales after you later on in the game (which will take the create of a random enrespond to.) These are simply Talon Company kind of Mercenaries, and nothing to get worried about. This will occur if you kill Mister Burke, disarm the bomb, or use Black Widow to convince him to leave Megaton alone.


Regardless of obtaining the many Caps for blowing the city up, it’s just more convenient to acquire into your house in Megaton. We’ll continue through the overview as if you’d disequipped the bomb… or at leastern as if you hadn’t blvery own up Megaton (yet). If you want to acquire the suite at Tenpenny, you should put it off till you’re done through Megaton. Craters don’t make for much questing. Drop off the excess gear you’ve been accumulating considering that the Rivet City run. Excess equipment at this suggest has whatever however Power Fists, a Hunting Rifle, whatever before armor you pick to wear, and also any type of weightmuch less gear (prefer meds).

Before we proceed, tbelow are several points you need to know about your brand-new home:

You have the right to buy upqualities for them from a merchant in the tvery own your home is in, (you"ll be told who sells it to you) including themes, (which frequently come via valuable goodies), aesthetic items, favor Nuka-Cola dispensers, and truly valuable items, choose the **My First Infirmary** . These things are expensive however, and the Infirmary must be on the top of your list.The **My First Infirmary** heals you totally, removes all your Rads, and also fixes injured body components. Absolutely crucial for making Rads a non concern. **My First Laboratory** openly creates one random drug a day, including Buffout, Jet, Rad Away, Rad-X, Stimpaks, and so on It also cures any addictions to drugs you might have actually. Pretty nice, yet not important.The Workbench enables you to produce items from Schematics. Of course, you have the right to perform this at any kind of Workbench in the game, prefer the one in Craterside Supply, or... well, tbelow are lots of them. Still, it"s more convenient to have it at residence, where you deserve to save all your components.In both residences you"ll gain a Mr. Handy robobutler, who can perdevelop a range of tasks... Firstly, he"ll tell you where you deserve to buy more stuff, in situation you forgain. Secondly, he deserve to dispense five bottles of Purified Water eincredibly couple of days for totally free... reportedly from his "condensation unit". You now have infinite Purified Water to heal yourself with, market, or offer amethod to beggars to raise your Karma. Thirdly he can give you a hairreduced, allowing you to adjust your hair style/shade at any kind of time. And lastly, he have the right to tell jokes. Tbelow aren"t very many type of, and also they"re all science themed, but they"re worth a listen.You now have actually a bed, which you deserve to... you guessed it... sleep in! Return home when you"re hurt and also reclaim all your health and wellness and also remove crippling wounds for cost-free. Best of all though, sleeping in your own bed

will provide you the momentary Well Rested perk, which provides you a 10% bonus on all XP earned for eight hours. This stacks via Swift Learner , and is in eexceptionally way favorable.

If you buy the Vault theme for your house, it"ll look... well, like a vault the following time you go in. It"ll have a bunch of usemuch less devices, some food, and also a 10mm Pistol upstairs, however nopoint to go crazy about.The Raider design template will acquire you a good little of blood, guts, and also corpses on meat hooks. You"ll additionally obtain some Beer, Med-X, Whisvital, an Assault Rifle, a 10mm Pistol, and also some Frag Grenades.With the Wasteland Explorer template you"ll get some skulls, a motorcycle, a picnic table, plenty of Pork N"Beans, Beer, Whisessential, 2 10mm Pistols, and also a Hunting Rifle.The Science template will certainly get you some mechanical junk strewn around, very similar to the Vault design template. In Megaton you"ll gain a copy of **Nikola Tesla and also You** , and in Tenpenny Tower you"ll obtain a **Big Book of Science** .With the Pre-War template you"ll obtain a nice bit family through furniture, rugs, and some knick-knacks prefer an Intact Garden Gnome and also tricycle. You"ll additionally acquire a bunch of food.The Love Machine layout will certainly put some entwined figures hanging from the ceiling, a tree wrapped in holiday lights, clothes, Whisvital, Vodka, and eincredibly variety of glasses in your home. You"ll also acquire some drugs upstairs, and also a copy of **Lying, Congressional Syle** on the desk in your room. If you obtain the Tenpenny Tower Suite, you"ll gain a **Lying, Congressional Style** from this theme, also. Loving is lying, no issue wright here you live.

Many imporantly, you have areas to keep your loot! If you’re a pack rat prefer me, then you’ll finish up storing loads of loot, all separated by category right into different containers. There’s great reason to save some goodies, though, and also below you’ll discover a list of some items you can desire to store, and why:

Abraxo CleanerNuka-Grenade
CameraGive to Scribe Rothchild
Cherry BombBottlecap Mine
ConductorRock-It Launcher
CrutchRailmeans Rifle
Deathclaw HandDeathclaw Gauntlet
Firehose NozzleRock-It Launcher
Fission BatteryRailway Rifle
Lawn Mower BladeShiskebab

Leaf BlowerRock-It Launcher
Leather BeltDeathcregulation Gauntlet
LunchboxBottlecap Mine
Medical BraceDeathclegislation Gauntlet
Motorcycle Gas TankShishkebab
Motorcycle HandbrakeShishkebab
Nuka-ColaNuka-Cola Quantum (requires the *Quantum Chemist* perk)
Nuka-Cola QuantumNuka-Grenade, Give to Serria Petrovita
Repaint GunDart Gun

Pilot LightShishkebab
Pre-War BookTurn in to Scribe Yearling
Pressure CookerRailmeans Rifle
Purified WaterGive to beggars for Karma
Radscorpion Poichild GlandDart Gun
Scrap MetalGive to Walter, Give to Winthrop
Sensor ModuleBottlecap Mine, Give to Protector Casdin, Give to Scribe Rothchild
Steam Gauge AssemblyRailmethod Rifle
Sugar BombsGive to Murphy

Sugar BombsGive to Murphy
Surgical TubingDart Gun
Teddy BearGive to Sandra or Midea
Tin CanNuka-Grenade
Toy CarDart Gun
Vacuum CleanerRock-It Launcher
WonderglueDeathcregulation Gauntlet

When you’re done through your house… if you got it… head east over to Jericho’s home, it’s the one appropriate beside yours. Makes you feel safe, living right next to him, eh?

9) Robbing Jericho - (Megaton - Jericho’s House)

Publication - Grognak the Barbarian

Jericho is a former (although not necessarily reformed) Raider that spends the majority of of his time drinking in Moriarty’s Saloon and gaining turned dvery own by Nova. You can recruit him as a party member if your karma is low sufficient. Enter his home and also grab the Grognak the Barbarian on the floor by a teddy bear. Now go back to Moriarty’s Saloon.

10) Dad’s Direction

We were here earlier, but now we’re prepared to follow with on Lucas Simm’s advice and also talk to Moriarty, who can understand something around Dad. Talk to Moriarty (he’ll be in the bar in the time of the day) and also ask him around your dad. He’ll case to remember you from as soon as you were a boy, and tell you that your dad was right here. Succeed at a Speech challenge and he’ll tell you more around your dad-supposedly the old guy headed south-eastern right into the city, and also that he was heading for Galaxy News Radio. Tbelow is a much more lucrative means of going around getting this information, yet.

Instead of talking to Moriarty, uncover Gob the Ghoul. If you’re nice to him, you have the right to use Speech to obtain him to tell you about Moriarty’s terminal in the ago. The terminal is locked , yet you deserve to gain his password from the locked cabinet in his office. Still also hard? Jeeze… pick pocket Moriarty’s Office Key from Moriarty or Gob first then. Even better yet, go ask Nova about the terminal after making use of Speech on Gob, and she’ll provide you the password if you succeed at yet another Speech check. You need to look at Moriarty’s terminal regardmuch less of what you perform to gain info on civilization in town. This is one more method to find out Leo is a junkie, if you didn’t obtain Mister Burke to tell you.

If you fail at the Speech inspect through Moriarty, he’ll ask you for 100 Caps for the information. If you pay him, he’ll tell you. If you say you don’t have the money, he’ll ask you to do a project for him and also acquire the money from a junkie out in Springvale called Silver. If you bug him aacquire before doing his project, he’ll raise the cost to 300 caps, and also you’ll need to succeed at a Speech check to lower him back dvery own to 100. Although it’s more than likely not important for a lot of human being, we’ll cover handling Silver following. If you don’t need/want to carry out it, head over to the Craterside Supply keep and skip the next action in the overview.

11) Soliciting Silver

Book - Pugilism Illustrated

If you should address Silver, head over to Springvale (which is north of Megaton). Make this your energetic quest and also follow the solid green arrow on your compass to uncover her home. On your means tright here, don’t be afraid to loot approximately Springvale, specifically make sure you obtain the Pugilism Illustrated in among the mailboxes. Go inside Silver’s ranch and talk to her. She’ll tell a bit of a different story than Moriarty did. You deserve to use Speech to obtain her to offer you all the Caps she earned (400) or you can simply ask her for the Caps she owes and also she’ll give you 300… Or you might just kill her and also take the caps. Either method, go back to Moriarty and also pay him 100 caps for the information.

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If you decide to go out of your way to deal with Silver, you could finish up prospering at multiple Speech obstacles (Gob, Nova, Silver) and also cash in 300 caps (400 Caps from Silver, minus the 100 Caps Moriarty wants). You deserve to (and also should) still take a gander at Moriarty’s terminal when you obtain back. When you have actually Moriarty’s indevelopment, head over to Craterside Supply.