One of the best points around Twitter is that you deserve to share random thoughts and also feelings on your timeline. With this, friends and also loved ones can continue to be in touch via you, specifically with the current case on COVID-19. 

However, if suddenly, you cannot post tweets on Twitter, keep reading. 

Many of the moment, faulty servers or unstable network connections are the factor why your write-ups and also uplots won’t push via. Because Twitter is an digital platcreate, having actually a secure connection with its servers is crucial. 

Because capturing up through your loved ones is exceptionally important, we’ve made a decision to make a basic overview on what to perform if you cannot short article tweets on Twitter. 

To start, examine their servers’ standing initially as Twitter might be experiencing technical worries on their finish. Unfortunately, the just thing we deserve to do if their servers are having significant difficulties is to wait. 

On the other hand, you can proceed to the argued techniques below if Twitter’s servers are working fine. 

Let’s acquire started!

1. Check If Your Account Is Banned or Blocked.

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To store its platform safe for everyone, Twitter implements strict guidelines for all its users. If you’ve violated these rules, your account have the right to obtain banned or blocked. This suggests that you won’t have the ability to post, share, or even reply to Tweets. 

If you suspect your account is banned, continue to the last method to contact Twitter’s support. 

2. Can’t Message Links? Check Twitter’s Unsafe Link Page. 

To proccasion phishing and malware assaults, Twitter checks eexceptionally attach you share on your Timeline to keep their platform safe. If you have actually worries posting web links on your timeline, visit Twitter’s unsafe link page. The attach you want to share may be malicious or dangerous.

On the other hand also, if you have actually difficulties uploading imperiods on Twitter, please examine our overview concerning the problem to assist you out. 

3. Check Twitter Limit. 

If you usage your account to promote your brand or assets, you might have reached your day-to-day limit. Twitter only permits each account to write-up 2400 tweets per day. However, this still counts on the interval of your tweets. 

Typically, Twitter will notify you via an error message when you reach the limit, yet you could have overlooked it. 

Check Twitter’s dedicated page about this to learn even more. 

4. Turn Off VPN. 

VPNs are third-party applications that save your network-related link safe and secured. It functions by masking your actual IP deal with via a dummy one from their servers. However, random alters on your IP address could make it difficult for your device to preserve a stable link via Twitter’s servers. 

If you cannot article tweets on Twitter, attempt to revolve off your VPN first and also watch if the trouble goes ameans. 


5. Check for Updates. 

The version of Twitter on your tool might possibly have a pest or glitch concerned uploading posts. If this is the instance, Twitter could release a patch anytime to deal with the difficulty. 

On Android, you deserve to check for an upday by doing the following: 

First, unlock your gadget and also open up the Play Store from the house display.After that, open the side food selection and tap on My Apps & Games. Finally, tap the Update button alongside Twitter if tbelow is a brand-new version accessible. 


For iOS users, check out the measures below to overview you on the process. 

On your gadget, go to the residence display screen and also open the App Store. Now, tap on the Updates tab from the navigating bar. If there’s a brand-new version accessible, tap on the Upday button beside Twitter to install it. 


After the upday, go back to your account and try to tweet again. 

6. Clear Your Net and also Media Storage (iOS Device Only). 

Net and media storage includes cached papers, which are provided to improve the performance of Twitter. However, these cached papers could’ve acquired corrupted throughout an update or while in use. 

If you suffer unexplained actions from Twitter on your iOS gadget, attempt to clear your web and also media storage.

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First, open the Twitter app from your house screen. After that, open up the side drawer and also tap on Setups and Privacy. Now, find the General tab and tap on File Usage.Inside File Usage, tap on Media Storage or Web Storage. Finally, tap on Clear Media or Web Storage. Repeat the steps above to clear both web and media storage. 


Once done, go earlier to your timeline and attempt to article something. 

7. Clear Your Browsing Data. 

Besides your searching history, your browser likewise stores cached records and also cookies to enhance its performance when loading websites. However before, cached documents and also cookies accumulate and have the right to gain corrupted anytime. 

If you enrespond to problems on assorted websites, attempt to clear your looking data. 

First, open your browser and also press CTRL + H tricks on your key-board to open up the History tab. Inside your searching background, click on Clear Browsing Data. After that, change the Time Range to All Time. Finally, make certain that cookies and also cached papers are contained in the process before pushing the Clear Data switch. 


Now, go back to your Twitter account and also attempt to short article a tweet. 

8. Reinstall the Twitter App. 

If the update can not solve Twitter notifications, you can be taking care of a a lot serious problem. Twitter’s installation documents could’ve gotten corrupted, and the just means to deal with it is by reinstalling the application. 

On Android, you deserve to reinstall Twitter by doing the actions listed below. 

First, unlock your device and also discover the Twitter application from your app drawer. After that, tap and organize Twitter’s application symbol to open the selection menu.Finally, tap on Uninstall and follow the on-display prompts to remove the app from your tool. 


After uninstalling Twitter, go to the Play Store and reinstall the Twitter application. 

For iOS individuals, follow the measures listed below to reinstall Twitter. 

On your device, find the Twitter app from your house display screen.Now, tap and also organize its app symbol till the pop-up menu appears. Lastly, tap on Remove App


Go to the App Store after that and also reinstall Twitter. 

9. Check and also Recollection Your Internet. 

If your network is running slow-moving, intend that Twitter would certainly not attribute effectively on your gadget. Being an digital application, Twitter needs a secure netjob-related connection to percreate work prefer posting a tweet, liking a write-up, and also watching videos. 

Try to run a speed test on your netjob-related using to measure its existing speed. 


If the outcome mirrors that your link is running sluggish, attempt to restart your router to re-establish your company provider’s connection. Find your router’s power cable and unplug it from the outlet. Now, wait for around 10 secs before plugging it earlier to the outlet. 


After refounding your router, rerun the speed test to verify if your link is already steady. However, if you proceed to suffer network-related worries, call your ISP automatically and let them recognize around the problem. 

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11. Report the Problem. 

Unfortunately, if you still cannot article tweets on Twitter at this allude, we recommfinish that you let the specialists take over. 

Please report the difficulty to Twitter and have actually their team assess the instance. When asking for aid, try to incorporate useful information choose your account details and the tool you use to make it easier for them to address the problem. 


This sums up our guide on what to execute if you cannot article tweets on Twitter. If you have various other questions, kindly leave a comment listed below, and we’ll try our best to answer them.