The Star Trek emojis you"ve always wanted are right here (if you"re in the US or Canada, that is).

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In celebration of the iconic science fiction TV show"s 50th anniversary, Facebook has produced five practice emojis noting the intergalacticbackground of the Star Trek Enterprise and also the Federation.

All you have to perform is favor the main Star Trek Facebook page (aget, if you"re in North America), and you"ll havea totality gamut of Trekkie emotions at your fingertips.

Klingons are temporarily replacing the "angry" emoji, while a chuckling Kirk takes the area of "haha" and also the classic Vuldeserve to salute replaces "love".

Who better than Mr Spock to stand also in for the "wow" emoji? Poor Geordi La Forge even sheds a tear with that metal visor as the representation of"sad".

Even if you"re not right into the Star Trek emojis, there"s an excellent possibility you"ll be greeted by a really unique Enterpincrease landing page as soon as you log on to Facebook for a limited time.

"When we captured wind that Star Trek would be celebrating 50 years this month, it got our wheels turning," Facebook Messenger"s Lindsey Shepard wrote in a blog this day.

"We wanted to note this fun, nostalgic minute and aid the passionate area of Star Trek fans celebprice in some distinctive ways on Facebook."

Looking for even more Star Trek revelry in honour of the 50th anniversary?

Engage in Digital Spy"s rundvery own of the 10 finest Star Trek episodes easily accessible to watch on Netflix ideal now - and take a fun look back at celebrities you never before kbrand-new boarded the Enterpriseover theyears.

Happy birthday Stark Trek! Live long and prosper!

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