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“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” got in its digs at tech companies on Sunday night. The show’s jab at Zillow was child’s play compared to how the hold took dvery own Facebook and also the function the social giant is playing in societies and also areas overseas.

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In his nearly 20-minute major story (through some NSFW bits) on his weekly HBO display, Oliver concentrated on Facebook’s influence in Myanmar in specific where internet usage — and Facebook usage especially — has exploded in recent years.

But the story goes past distracted teenagers and also delves right into major concerns around ethnic cleansing. Certainly Facebook was not to blame for genocide in Myanmar, Olivers stressed, however the organization did inflame pre-existing tensions he sassist. Oliver pointed to a report by independent U.N. investigators who shelp “Facebook has actually been a helpful instrument for those seeking to spcheck out hate.”

Since Oliver is a comedian, it’s not all super hefty and he does pepper his monologue via plenty of zingers:

But Oliver gets at the seriousness of the problem in Myanmar and the tensions in between various ethnic factions fairly convincingly, and also he wonders why so a lot hate speech in the country remained up for so long on the website — which has rules versus that kind of point.

“No one have to be judged by the worst things world say about them on Facebook,” Oliver said.

Watch the full video over.

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