I’ve talked about them at least 3 times due to the fact that I began this blog a year ago, consisting of last week as soon as I observed them live because that the 6th time.

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As dramatic together it sounds, ns don’t think it’s a stretch come say the they’ve changed my life – in regards to what music i listen to, which, consequently has additionally helped shape me into who i am.

This weekend, after 7 years of desperately wanting come (permanently) present my love because that them, I gained a tattoo.

It’s a bag watch collection to ripe o’clock, or together I describe it, “nine in the afternoon”. This is the song that influenced it:

Now, because this is Music Monday and not Tattoo Tuesday (although I’m considering do “Tattoo Tuesday” a thing, if only so the I can talk around all the tattoos ns have/want), let’s bring this post back to music.

Pretty.Odd. to be Panic!’s 2nd album. It came out in march 2008, three years ~ 2005’s A heat You Can’t Sweat Out, and it to be a dramatic transition in sound.


At the time, I had actually been a pan for around a year and also was dedicated to all things Panic! (um, i still kinda am). For this reason I usually memorized the leaked version prior to the yes, really album came out and also for months (years?) after, I would certainly sing the (largely nonsensical) lyrics as if my life relied on it.

There’s an oft-told story of one time as soon as we were driving to Quebec, and it to be raining yes, really hard, and everyone else in the auto was choose “we’re going come drown, this is terrible!” yet I to be sitting in the ago seat blithely singing follow me to “That green Gentleman”.

Pretty.Odd. to be an album the largely split fans. Some world preferred the mellow, hippie-like top quality of many of the songs, while rather missed the theatrical, vaguely vaudevillian sound that made Panic! stand the end in the first place. I loved this album at the time, yet now, after six years, a split within the band (it’s tho too soon to talk about when Ryan Ross and Jon walker left), two albums, and also multiple tours, ns realize that ns barely hear to it anymore. Castle usually just play “Nine in the Afternoon” live, though i think their first album tourism post-split (for 2011’s Vices & Virtues, i m sorry is mine favourite P!ATD album), they played “That environment-friendly Gentleman”.

There room songs that i think still host up: “NITA”, “TGG”, even “Northern Downpour” (if you deserve to listen to it there is no wanting come cry).

“Mad together Rabbits”, for every its nonsensical lyrics, is also pretty solid, yet songs choose “Behind the Sea” (the only song totally sung through Ryan Ross) or “She’s a Handsome Woman” (which was never my favourite to begin with) have tendency to fall flat, even after a long time there is no listening to them.

What go this song also mean?!

Although, I just looked in ~ the track perform again because that the very first time in forever, and I actually rather like many of the songs. I think you have to be in a certain mood to hear to Pretty.Odd.

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; if I generally throw ~ above Panic! at any time the an elaborate strikes, this particular era requires a much more mellow frame of mind.