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Been coming below with mine mom and also sister due to the fact that 1984! extremely RECOMMENDED!! No other place like it! Judith is so knowledgeable and also has given us great direction. I LOVE THIS STORE and JUDITH! XOXOXOX

its the type of witchcraft keep you expect to walk into a movie, insence burning, black cats walking around, an extremely "mom and also pop", and also you can feel the energy when friend walk in. I love the enlarge lady (think her names judith) total crone, and also i median that together a compliment, upfront, no time for world who plot a fool, yet definately will assist anyone she can. Maybe be a small intimidating in ~ first, however dont allow that persuade choice of herbs, and also i swear by their homemade rosewater! i visit whenever ns can, the staff is great!

This location should be a nationwide TREASURE! I have actually patronized this ar for virtually 20 yrs., and also have never ever been disappointed; classes, herbs, books, oils, incense, however ahhh, Judith is by far the actual reason ns return. A woman of few words, yet those couple of are golden, and reliable.If you visit, look for her, and get the analysis of a lifetime. You will be amazed.Cheers come this lady!!

the owner of the shop space knowledgable.insiteful professionals . They give the respect come the customers that the customers deserve. If you disrespect castle or the crafts lock return the emotion which is only just and right.! castle have numerous hard to discover herbs and not so difficult to discover ones.over all wonderful supply ,and learning enviorment because that the novice come experienced.

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When I stayed in Long beach I would freaquent the store routinely with mine mom and also sometimes sister. I had actually gone over there for plenty of years and always had positive experiences. Ns wish they had actually a store similar to it up right here in Portland, OR but no such luck so far. I totally recommend this store for all her needs. They even assist you discover the points you require for spells and potions.

eye the the cat is a really respectable shop. My Aunt kelly hernandez owns the shop she is no a witch bich and also is very respectable to every shopper that walks inter her shop

the main withchbitch is awitchand alwys has actually been. She is rude to everyone, scaring far potential customers favor myself. I thing it is a bunch of rate freaks posing together withces offering their warts prefer they were gold.

This is a good little shop that specializes in providing ingredients because that spell working. The females who administer customer service are really friendly and also knowledgeable. The prices space fair....the top quality of herbs, candles, and also oils are superb---I very recommend this place:)

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