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Prepare for Microsoft test 70-697–and help demonstrate her real-world mastery of configuring windows 10 devices in the enterprise. Design for competent IT experts ready to development their status, this test Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and also decision-making acumen required for success at the MCSA level.


Focus top top the specialization measured by these objectives:

• control identity

• Plan desktop and machine deployment

• Plan and also implement a Microsoft 365 Solution

• Configure networking

• Configure storage

• regulate data accessibility and protection

• manage remote access

• regulate apps

• manage updates and recovery


This Microsoft test Ref:

• Organizes the coverage by test objectives

• features strategic, what-if scenarios to difficulty you

• suspect you have experience with Windows desktop administration, maintenance, and also troubleshooting; windows 10 security, and integrated Azure features; as well as a an easy understanding of windows networking, active Directory, and also Microsoft Intune


For details on demands for acquisition Exam 70-697, go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-697.aspx

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Table that contents

introduction thing 1 control Identity ability 1.1: support Microsoft Store, Microsoft save for Education, Microsoft save for Business, and also cloud apps ability 1.2: assistance authentication and authorization thought experiments believed experiment answers thing 2 Plan desktop and an equipment deployment ability 2.1: Migrate and also configure user data skill 2.2: Configure Hyper-V ability 2.3: Configure mobility options skill 2.4: Configure security for mobile gadgets assumed experiments believed experiment answer thing 3 Plan and also implement a Microsoft 365 solution ability 3.1: support mobile gadgets ability 3.2: Deploy software program by making use of Microsoft Intune skill 3.3: regulate devices with Microsoft 365 equipment skill 3.4: Configure information protection thought experiments believed experiment answer chapter 4 Configure networking skill 4.1: Configure IP settings ability 4.2: Configure network settings ability 4.3: Configure and maintain network security believed experiments thought experiment answer thing 5 Configure warehouse ability 5.1: support data storage skill 5.2: support data defense assumed experiments assumed experiment answers chapter 6 regulate data accessibility and security ability 6.1: Configure common resources ability 6.2: Configure record and folder access assumed experiments assumed experiment answer thing 7 control remote accessibility ability 7.1: Configure remote relationships skill 7.2: Configure mobility alternatives believed experiments thought experiment answers chapter 8 regulate apps skill 8.1: Deploy and also manage RemoteApp apps ability 8.2: Support desktop apps thought experiments thought experiment answers chapter 9 regulate updates and recovery ability 9.1: Configure system recovery ability 9.2: Configure document recovery skill 9.3: Configure and manage updates believed experiments assumed experiment answers

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