In this dungeon-crawling RPG, you take it the persona the adventurous teen, Mag Launcher, trying to find the legend Evolutia. Throughout his journey, Mag is add by an assortment of sidekicks and to assist in his quest.

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An early on boss fight.

Evolution: The civilization of Sacred machine is a dungeon crawler RPG. It was occurred primarily through Sting, with additional work being provided by Neverland Company. The video game was published in Japan by ESP on January 21, 1999; Ubisoft tackled the publishing duties in America where it to be released ~ above December 16, 1999 and also in Europe once it was released in 2000. Together in most JRPGs the combat is revolve based and can involve approximately 3 player managed characters. Each character deserve to use a regular attack, an item or one of special skills that end up being unlockable together the character level up. Every one of the dungeons space randomly generated and consist of many floors the highest of which a ceo monster.. The story is presented mainly between the dungeon crawling components of the game.


In Evolution: The world of sacred Device, girlfriend play as Mag Launcher, the son of two adventurous explorers. In the beginning of the game after your parents have been gone, a young girl shows up at your home with a keep in mind from her father stating the you should watch over this girl, her name is linear Cannon. Gift the kid of adventurers, you too are adept at experimenting dungeons and also such, in the world of the game these world are called "adventurers or cyframe users". A cyframe is a mechanical assistant the helps the adventurers explore and fend off monsters.


Mag Launcher: Mag is the hero that the game and also a descendent in a family members of famous and well respected adventurers. That is short tempered and can"t withstand a fight; he uses a large hand because that a cyframe.Linear Cannon: direct is the cliched female sidekick, she is quiet and reserved, she only opens approximately Mag and she doesn"t recognize her age; she does not usage a cyframe.Gre Nade: Gre Nade is the Launcher"s butler, he has tendency to the house and also looks ~ Mag when his parents are off adventuring.Chain Gun: The just child that the Launcher family"s rivals, the gun family. She has had to undergo rigorous training to come to be an adventurer, whereas a feud has emerged between the 2 families, Chain pistol has developed a liking to Mag. She has actually a wild personality, is selfish and hates to lose at anything; she supplies a sword cyframe.

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Pepper Box: Pepper crate is one adventurer who comes from another country. She is cheerful yet can be wild and unpredictable; she uses a bazooka cyframe.
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