I knew this track was a success even before I heard it. How? My mam learned that long back in Sunday School and all this years later on it still provides her happy — evidence it’s a great song for youngsters of every ages. That is one attitude song — great attitude, positive. It boundaries on cheeky defiance toward the cynic and the doubter. The affirms “I count as lot as anyone since I am that God says I am. I am a kid of God. Ns am loved.” the is at sight short, straightforward and loaded v childlike exuberance. Provide it a sing-along listen, then let’s talk an ext about assorted kinds of holy bible promises and what they all have in typical that helps do this song a small gem the wisdom and also cheer.

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Trouble in Paradise

When I first saw the lyrics of this song, I assumed there should be some mistake. My problem? I could see many promises in the bible that space not handle to me. So I assumed the track was all wrong. However my wife preferred it, and she is smart. So i heated up a cup the “chapter-and-verse” tea and got come work. Ns was loaded for bear.

I am happy come report i received response of peace. I was wrong, she to be right. It continues to be a good song.

Silly me — I had actually failed to read what was written. The tune does not say “every promise is come me.” It says “every promise is mine.” huge difference!

When ns honestly asked exactly how that can be true, the book came to mine rescue v an interesting answer. (Tip for happy living – invest at least as much initiative into seeing just how an idea might be advantageous as in reflecting where the idea would certainly not work.)

RELIEF! i was so glad ns did not need to tell all those youngsters — or my mam — the they necessary to quit being happy singing this song. The Bible changed my reasoning so I can quit barking increase the not correct tree. I delighted in a fresh lesson in rightly splitting the word of fact – and also in lightening increase a little. Good things.

The publication is mine

I have an excellent news. Happy news. Stunning news.

God gave us the Bible. The whole thing is a gift to every of us.

It is a an individual gift — it bring light, joy and also hope come every person that embraces it.

It is a large gift — it took centuries to assemble. It take it God’s wisdom come say it. The is a miracle the so many people can every hold and read and also learn from their own copy.

He provided it to us so we can know Him, His plans and His character, that that is loving, gracious, merciful and just.

He provided it to us so we might know ourselves — whereby we come from, where we are and where we room going.

He gave it to us so we could learn to recognize light and darkness, great and evil.

He provided it to us so we can know that in Jesus Christ we are able to live on the “inside” — as fellow citizens with the saints and members that the family members of God.

What sort of fame and fortune could this world offer the would provide you or me all over near the status? Not only did God offered us status, the TOLD us about it!

How have to we feel around God’s gift come us?

I think we deserve to feel pretty an excellent about that. How around you?

Our song records that feeling, that attitude. That celebrates the you and also I space IN! when He provided us the book He invited united state to it is in in the know! how cool is THAT?!?

Promises, promises

There room a most promises in the scriptures — so many, in fact, they are hard to count. Throughout his twenty-seventh analysis of the Bible, a college teacher named Everett R. Storms the Kitchener, Canada tried to count and categorize every the holy bible promises. Right here is a partial an overview of his findings:

Grand total of 8,810 promises: 7,487 guarantees from God to man 2 native God to Jesus Christ991 native one man to an additional (such together the servants that promised to analyze King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream)290 from male to God21 assures were do by angels1 native a man to an angel2 native an evil heart to the Lord9 indigenous Satan (as when he promised the civilization to Christ if the would loss down and also worship him)

What do ALL these have in common? They are all in the book that God offered us. For this reason they are all yours and mine to know, study, find out from and act on together appropriate.

But that is noticeable they are not all promises TO friend or come me.

For example, right here is one of the very an initial promises in the Bible: “You room cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; ~ above your ship you candlestick go, and also dust shall you eat all the work of her life.”

Why isn’t this promise native the book ruining my day? since it is one of plenty of promises in the bible not addressed TO ME. God was talk to the serpent, not to me: “And the mr God stated unto the serpent, because you have done this, you space cursed over all cattle, ….

So, what provides this promise “mine”? that is mine because I have the right to read it and also learn indigenous it. The is part of God’s gift to me, His revelation we call the Bible.

He provided us the Book. Whatever in the book is our to benefit from. We just need to establish not every little thing in the publication is addressed to us. However we can learn from all of it.

Are some of the promises in the list TO US? Sure.Are part addressed to others, however still FOR ours LEARNING? Sure.

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Are we thankful because that the promise TO us of everlasting life? YES!Are us thankful because that the promise — for OUR learning — come the opponents of God that they will certainly be dealt with justly? YES!

In short, “If God said it, I deserve to use it.” (See 2 Timothy 3:16-17.)

I’d miss out on a blessing if i didn’t treat united state all come a tiny smattering of numerous promises us rejoice in:

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”“If girlfriend confess with your mouth the lord Jesus and also believe in her heart that God increased him native the dead, you will certainly be saved”“If any type of of you lacks wisdom, you have to ask God, who offers generously to every without recognize fault, and it will certainly be offered to you.”“If we confess our sins, the is faithful and also just and also will forgive united state our sins and also purify us from every unrighteousness.”“For the lord himself candlestick descend native heaven through a shout, v the voice the the archangel, and also with the trumped of God: and also the dead in Christ shall increase first: Then we which space alive and also remain chandelier be captured up together with them in the clouds, to fulfill the mr in the air: and so chandelier we ever be with the Lord.”“For God so love the people that he offered his one and only Son, the whoever to trust in that shall not perish however have eternal life.”

As us gather year — and, i hope, wisdom — us see far better that God has given us “exceeding good and precious promises” that we can learn and live now and always. Our tune reminds youngsters — that all eras — to taste and also see that the mr is good, come reach for His assures to us and live abundantly as kids of our Heavenly Father.

What a glorious life we’ve been offered to have the ability to honor and also praise Him. To the end, here is a happy little song you and I deserve to sing through joy and gladness.