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"You"ll Be ago (Every Night in mine Dreams)" is a solitary by American country music singer Johnny Russell. He exit it for Polydor documents in 1978, charting at number 24 on Hot nation Songs. Conway Twitty covered the song on his 1980 album, remainder Your Love on Me. The tune is most known by the cover exit by country group The Statler brothers in march 1982 together the third solitary from your album years Ago. Their variation of the tune peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot nation Singles chart. An ext »

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All mine friends asking what have the right to they doTo aid me gain over you, yet I"m not blue or broken in twoWhy have to I miss out on you?"Cause you"ll be back every night in mine dreamsYou"ll be back and it won"t even seem prefer you"re goneNo ns won"t it is in alone"Cause you"ll be back every night in mine dreams.Walk the floor and also cry till dawn,Walk the floor and also sit through the phone?Oh no, not meWhy worry and also moan just due to the fact that you"re gone?I"ll see you in mine dreams, dreams, dreams

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The Statler brothers The Statler Brothers to be an American country music, gospel, and also backing vocal team for Johnny Cash. The quartet was started in 1955 in Staunton, Virginia. Much more »


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