The kids of fairy-tale personalities attend a school with two cliques: those who accept their fairy-tale destinies and those who desire to compose their own.

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Ever ~ High: epic Winter (Trailer)
Ever after High: Dragon gamings (Trailer)
Ever after High: method Too Wonderland (Trailer)
Ever after High (Trailer)
This animated series follows the sons and daughters of famous fairy tale personalities as they decide whether to follow in their parents' footsteps.

Ever after High begins as crow Queen is questioning her pre-written destiny as the following Evil Queen, which might disrupt this year's heritage Day.

The narrators tell the story of ever before After High and introduce the students, who room destined to become legends (or not).

Cupid rallies the youngsters to celebrate a long-lost holiday called True understanding Day together Ashlynn and also Hunter's relationship is revealed to the world.

On this very special institution holiday, life is turned upside down when a Royal and Rebel move sides...and the Storybook the Legends goes missing!

When Kitty Cheshire's mommy plays a trick on Alistair Wonderland during Ever after High's feather Fairest, it can ruin the celebration's happy ending.

When Kitty's mommy plays a major prank, a curse reasons our fairytale teens to action opposite that themselves, threatening the school's happily ever before after.

In Season 3, the girls have to lift the Wonderland Curse before they deserve to stop a villain from thefts the Queen that Hearts' crown.

Raven reverses the angry Queen's curse for this reason she and also her girlfriend can get in Wonderland again. However Wonderland turns out come be no so wonderful after all.

Trapped inside Wonderland High, Lizzie and also her friends must pass all your weird and wacky classes in order to get out and save the Queen that Hearts.

Lizzie, Raven, Maddie, Briar and Apple room on trial at Wonderland High. Will certainly the stunner court offer them detention or allow them graduate?

Lizzie and her friends to visit the Queen the Hearts' date of birth bash, whereby Courtly Jester is out to steal Lizzie's ar as the future queen.

After the evil Queen division out of her mirror prison, Raven and the various other girls must join forces to stop her mom's sinister to plan for ever before After High.

A student's self-doubt leads she to autumn for a trick play by the imprisoned angry Queen. Later, one old school sport is reinstated at ever before After High.

The evil Queen takes benefit of eye White's love the dragon sporting activities in order come launch a evil plan. Meanwhile, snow White's mystery weapon is lost.

After crow flees the school and goes into hiding, the evil Queen unleashes her fury on ever After High. Apologize White's destiny starts to unfold.

Prince Daring is referred to as upon to fulfill his destiny. Raven and her friends unite their dragon-riding and spell-casting skills to struggle the angry Queen.

On a pursuit to cure she cursed parents, the eye King and also Queen, decision Winter and her pals discover the power of teamwork, tenacity and also self-reliance.

After an evil spell makes the eye King unleash a freezing fury on his court, daughter decision Winter seeks aid from she friends at ever before After High.

Using Farrah's re-creation powers, Crystal and also her pals learn the curse's just cure calls for them to walk on a scavenger hunting at four royal palaces.

Jackie Frost and Northwind block the method to Cinderella's castle. Refusing come quit, crystal takes the lead in recognize a means to get rid of the obstacle.

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While her friends distract Northwind, decision battles Jackie Frost because that the last rose, proving she's no a helpless princess and also can fend for herself.

Jonquil GoodeKaren StrassmanAudu PadenJulie MaddalenaMarieve HeringtonRena StroberEvan SmithWendee LeeHaviland StillwellValerie AremCam ClarkeColleen FoyCindy RobinsonJoe SanfelippoJamieson PriceDebi DerryberryLindsey AmesRajo ZakicErin FitzgeraldMalcolm Danare