European Massage Therapy institution - ras Vegas, located in ras Vegas, provides massage treatment training for interested students. The school offers a massage therapy program which teaches students with all the an abilities and abilities necessary to begin their career. Europe Massage Therapy school - ras Vegas gives services because that students including assist with recognize job opportunities for students, versatile courses for working or busy students, and also career aid for students start a career in massage therapy.

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Students space advised come look up local and also state licensing regulations to make sure programs meet established standards. Because that information and also consumer disclosures, you re welcome visit school"s website.

Programs Offered

The following is a perform of programs readily available at europe Massage Therapy college – ras Vegas. Acutal programs available may be various than the list of program below.. For a complete and substantial list the programs available you deserve to visit the school"s website or speak to the school at (910) 354-1900.


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Massage treatment (610 Hours)

The massage therapy routine takes about eight month for many students come complete.

Program Details:Tuition calculation is $10,000*Required supplies and books: $230*Last year, more than 100 students completed this programStudents usually finish the massage therapy regimen in 8 months

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Notes: *Amounts because that tuition, fees, and supplies space an estimate which room calculated based upon historical data and also should be exclusively used because that informational functions only.**Repayment rates, earnings, and also loan payments space estimates and also should it is in treated together informational devices only, contact the college for main information.

Estimated prices & financial Aid

The items detailed below room for informational functions only and also may no represent current tuition, fees, and expenses.

Note: Financial aid is only easily accessible for those who qualify, examine with the institution for details.

Financial help Details

The table listed below breaks under the varieties of gaue won aid, the percent of student receiving aid, and also average lot of assist per student.

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Percent the StudentsAverage Amount
Receiving sponsor & Scholarships58%$3,369Student loans (Federal)59%$5,093

Other Massage Schools

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