The royal gave birth to her first child, August, v husband Jack Brooksbank in February calling the “the ideal present I can ask for.”


Princess Eugenie commemorated her first year as a mom, reflecting on every the people and things she’s thankful for as 2021 pertains to a close.

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On Instagram ~ above Friday, the royal posted a carousel of candid household photos, including countless of her husband Jack Brooksbank and their child son, August Philip Hawke, and a moving shot of her grandmother Queen Elizabeth enjoy it a sunny day in the countryside with her so late husband, Prince Philip. “Happy brand-new Year come all.. Goodbye 2021,” Eugenie composed in the caption. “A year the blessed us through our boy and saw our household grow with brand-new additions but additionally a year the took some of our biggest and brightest lights. Forever in our hearts.” The princess gave birth come her an initial child in early on February in ~ London’s Portland Hospital, whereby Meghan Markle provided birth come her son Archie and also where Eugenie to be born. Come celebrate her birthday in March, Eugenie shared a picture of august on she Instagram, composing that the infant is “the best present I might ask for!!”

August is eleventh in heat to the throne, the first grandchild because that the Duke and also Duchess the York, and also Queen Elizabeth’s nine great-grandchild. The pair chose the center name Philip in honor of Eugenie’s late grandfather. Sources told Vanity Fair in 2020 the while Eugenie is technically bestowed through the title of “Her imperial Highness” v her birthright, she doesn’t want any kind of titles because that her youngsters so the they can thrive up to live a more “ordinary life.” The source explained, “Eugenie knows that a title can be a curse and a blessing and also she and also Jack desire their boy to live an ordinary life and eventually job-related to knife a living.”

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While Eugenie and also Brooksbank have much come celebrate, this has additionally been a complicated year because that the couple as both shed close household members. This is the very first holiday season Eugenie has spent without her grandfather who died in April at period 99, and her husband likewise lost his father, George Brooksbank, in so late November simply days before their boy christening. George had actually “been ill for some time” after contracting the coronavirus critical year, follow to The push Association.

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