LSU’s Ethan Pocic might be able to play any type of offensive heat position. Could he it is in manning one for the Giants in 2017?

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The brand-new York Giants have a background of players who get in the league at one position, just to change to another at a later on date. Players like Justin Pugh, David Diehl, rich Suebert, Kevin Boothe, and also Adam Koets have actually all helped the Giants victory while relocating from one place on the attack line to another.

It’s evidence in action that the Giants worth intelligence and versatility in their attack linemen. With that in mind, and the Giants’ proceeding need because that talented linemen, let’s take it a look at at among the most versatile linemen in the 2017 NFL draft, LSU’s Ethan Pocic.


Height - 6 feet, 6 inches

Weight - 307

40 Time - 5.18 (projected)

ProsVersatile player who has started games at guard as well as center. His frame and also natural athleticism imply the capacity to play ideal tackle as well as the interior.Very an excellent hand usage. Expand arms right into defenders and uses castle to create leverageReliable happen protector, has an excellent feet to mirror defenders.Nasty, tenacious blocker. Will lock on come defenders and also battle well past the whistle. Lead LSU through 132.5 knockdowns in 12 gamings as a junior.Solid operation blockerPlays fine in space, and is precise pull blocker. He hardly ever seems to acquire out in an are and not have anyone to block. Smart player, calls the protections for the LSU lineCons32 ⅝-inch eight are shorter than some teams would preferAt 6-6, Pocic can be also tall to continue to be at center.Will most likely need to add some mass and also fill out his frame a little bit at the next level.Not an excellent at control defenders behind or creating movement at the suggest of attack.Sometimes battles to keep his pad level down.Does he Fit through The Giants?

The Giants have actually needs follow me the offensive line, and have always valued adaptability in their linemen. Pocic looks like an prompt starter at four of 5 positions (from left safety to best tackle), therefore yes, he fits.

While his height can make that ill-suited for center at the following level, having the capability to pat the place in a pinch no a negative thing. He will likely have actually have to include mass come play guard or center, and it could take a year in the load room (and cafeteria) to get him wherein he needs to be, the payoff could be dramatic. Pocic is a great player top top the hoof, and also he already uses his hands really well. He can follow the career route of Justin Pugh and start at ideal tackle and move within if needed or once ready.

Prospect Video
Big plank Rankings

Big Blue see - 41st overall

Mocking The draft - N/A

CBS sporting activities - 64th overall

Draft Countdown - 87th overall

Draft Tek - 78th overall

Final Thoughts

I to be considerably higher on Pocic 보다 some various other outlets are. But then, ns am likewise looking at him v the lens that a team that requirements offensive line help and values versatility. Purely as a center, Pocic is a little bit of an awkward fit that at time winds increase fighting his frame and could be minimal to a zone blocking scheme at the next level.

However, I view him together a potential prompt contributor at three or four different positions and also a an excellent scheme fit for the Giants. While he can not have an apparent fit at any type of one position, Pocic’s flexibility could allow the Giants to have actually competition at several positions and also assemble the best five starters at their finest positions.

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It would also enable the offensive line the versatility to much more easily respond to injury (or a similar eventuality).