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At this time I am learning the r programming. I am unable to uncover the answer to listed below error yet I am unable to do so. Currently I have one datastructure it has actually a column of strings. My task is to count the precise variety of characters existing in each enattempt of a column and also then relocation a string column through a counts.

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Please find below the error for your reference:

data<,29>=apply(data<,29>,nchar())Out<2>: Error in discussion "FUN" is lacking, via no default Error in discussion "FUN" is absent, through no defaultCan someone guide me in resolving over error?

askedMar 30, 2020morrisBson3.2k points

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I went via your problem and I came to know that you are beginner so I am trying to aid you.

I guess tbelow are many kind of problems via your code so you are dealing with above error.

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So you should first applyoperators on your matrix oron your information.framework. I guess you wanted to usethe sapplyrather.

The following trouble is withnchar()callsthe ncharwithout any type of dispute in it. So you mustusage ncharas the function name and you must prevent calling it as the calling will happeninsidesuse as displayed below:

data<, 29> = sapply(data<,29>, nchar)
answeredMar 30, 2020christian5.7k points

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