Log checking (No logs are showing in log file)Resolve header already sent concern (Not getting this error atall).Check incomplete "php tag", removed white spaces etc (Havealready confirm both).

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Renaming Plugins folderRenaming Theme folder

We have actually re-solve over 5 things however still the issue is there.

Would everyone please inspect this and assist me top top this ?



I had same issue. What i did is I included ob_start() at optimal of wp-config.php climate it permits me logged in. After ~ that i update one of plugin the was requite to update. Then ns logout and removed ob_start() and also I surprised error was gone and also never came again.


Changing document formats (UTF-8 BOM come UTF-8)Renaming Plugins folderReplacing documents which are giving error (On permitting wp-debug)

Or update the WordPress, or much more likely you can say replacing main point WordPress papers using FTP. I complied with this overview for hands-on upgrade: http://codex.wordpress.org/Updating_WordPress


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