Attempting come log right into an NNID that is already linked with another 3DS console. Happens in NNID settings, if the wasn"t clear.

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Console: WiiUError Code: 150-3032Error Description: PERMISSION_ERROR

When the system tried to accessibility files mapped come NAND the was replicated from RedNAND come SysNAND a permission error occurred.See the log at: (up for 1 year native today)I do not understand if an ext errors are mapped come this number.




Seeing the travis-ci won"t be entirely free for oss jobs (starting 2021), this would certainly be a an excellent time to collection up trial and error with GitHub.

Means "Accepted EULA version too low", basically the right now accepted eula version is lower than required. I"d add it myself but i have actually literally no idea how to with the transforms to the err command

I had problems with mine o2DS v error password which Kurisu describes those with stated message and also the application that led to these to be the eShop/MINT applet.

I have actually told about how I addressed it on the HB-Discord yesterday.

Basically, whether you"d usage the DevUnit "Config" regimen or write a homebrew qualified of transforming the system settings,if the language setup happens to become invalid (like 0xF, "undefined") Nintendo servers refuse to attach to this 3DS v this bugged out setting. Not also some MK7 WWs are possible. Friend list still works though.

There might be various other reasons that would originate indigenous corrupted settings.

The means to deal with it (in this case) is to readjust the language earlier in device Settings.(If English is the language to move to, select an additional one prior to tapping English since the 3DS does only default message strings come English.)↑ thus requiring the languages option, JPN, CHN, TWN and KOR consoles need to rely top top a homebrew routine to move it earlier since the device Settings on those consoles don"t have a visible language setting.

I need to be moral here: This is not usual whatsoever. However, there may (and even are) homebrew apps that screw with consoles rather than execute what they to be advertised to.

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Ofc i have complete guilt because that this trouble on mine o2DS since I downloaded a random (kinda sus) homebrew without asking if it"s actually OK come use yet it was amazing to discover and also examine this error nontheless.