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Eric the Car Guy is a Rosedale graduate who has gone on to come to be among the height automotive YouTube channels! He presently has actually over 1.2 million subscribers and numerous videos on car repair. We’re proud to have actually him as a graduate and also to check out all his success!

Eric came back to visit Rosedale Technical College and also produced a collection of videos documenting his time with us. Keep analysis to learn even more around his thoughts and experiences as a student in our automotive technology program!

ETCG Visits Rosedale Tech

“This video papers my pilgrimage back to wright here I got my automotive education and learning, Rosedale Technical College in Pittsburgh PA. I need to say that it was most likely the a lot of life transforming point that I ever did, bereason because I left that institution after acquiring my automotive education, my life has improved considerably. As I sassist in the video, I’m not saying that you have to go to Rosedale to obtain your automotive education and learning, but if you’re significant about obtaining into the automotive field I strongly suggest you find a institution that’s ideal for you and also obtain an education in the automotive arts prior to you get a project in the automotive area, without it I feel you won’t do too and also won’t be as effective as a technician.”

Marc Mullin Interview; Things you must recognize around running your very own shop

“Marc was probably one of the a lot of exciting people that I met once I went to Rosedale, he teaches service administration and also some various other stuff, he’s second generation at the shop his family members owns and does a fair about of organization due to their terrific reputation, if you’re considering gaining right into the automotive field I urge you to heed his words this guy knows what he’s talking around.”

Diesel Intercheck out via Brandon Danser and also Rob Murphy

“It was really great getting to recognize the new location at Rosedale and also the Diesel department was no exception, don’t get also used to it though because they have actually a entirety new building simply for diesel, see the video that I did on ETCG for that one.”

HVAC Interview via Wayne Walker

“Anvarious other enhancement to the Rosedale line up the HVAC routine, this is an regularly overlooked profession I think however particularly in this day and also age I think HVAC and power effectiveness is going to be an excellent area to get into, I recommfinish you check out the classes in your location to see what they need to market.”

“One of the significant transforms they made at Rosedale was the enhancement of more classes not just in automotive however likewise in electrical, so if you’re considering a career in the electric areas and you live in the location I would certainly imply exploring their regime, as I said in the video, ’Lou Levine is electricity’.”

“To say I enjoyed making this video would be something of an understatement, Paul Danner is an excellent teacher and he has actually some excellent diagnostic devices in his course that are many fun to play via, watch us as we go via the procedure of diagnosing this Chevy pick up through a misfire, I think you’ll be surprised at what we find and just how we find it.”

Interwatch and also diagnostic video through Paul Danner, another YouTube influencer Scanner Danner

Part 1

“Well below is the conclusion of my misfire video with ScannerDanner, I’ve read many kind of of the comments to part 1 and also I can say that most of you are dead wrong regarding the cause of this misfire yet through a mix of scientific research and widespread feeling we regulate to figure it out.”

Interwatch and also diagnostic video via Paul DannerPart 2

“Well as the title claims this video is an overview of what I had intended to accomplish during ’Rosedale Week’, it’s also tright here to resolve some of the comments that I had obtained on some of the videos and also I hope this helps clear the air a little. Here are the web links to the videos that I referred to in the video.”

Eric’s thoughts on the week and takeaway from his visit to Rosedale

Have you been reasoning around going to trade school? Follow the course of Eric the Car Guy and enroll in our automotive technical training programs.

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We likewise offer programs in industrial technology, HVAC, welding, CDL and also even more. Contact us to sheight with an adobjectives representative and also learn about your routine of interest!