Seth Rogen was understandably a small upset with Eric Andre after he apparently presented his real phone number top top the display during an episode of The Eric Andre Show, but that didn’t prevent Andre and Conan O’Brien native dialing increase the number during last night’s Conan. Unsurprisingly, it went right to voicemail, however at the very least Conan acquired to leave Rogen a message. Plus, now there are two numbers where fans can speak to Rogen – the old one (323-762-5458) and also the new one (323-834-2079). Watch one more clip from Andre’s interview below:

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Eric Andre and also Conan O’Brien leaving Seth Rogen a <…> points you buy with our web links may earn New York a commission.

If nobody Is around to watch the gold Globes, do They Matter? v no management (or even a livestream!) this year, will the Globes have actually any affect on the Oscars? We deserve to take an education guess, through some precedent.


A overview to Rewatching Sidney Poitier’s many Memorable films His image evolved and adjusted over decades as the central contradiction of the actor and also director’s life played out on screens.

Search Party Recap: trip to the facility of the planet “I would love to take something the would, like, solve me.”

The 355 Is Proof the Women can Make Middling action Movies, as well Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz, Diane Kruger, and Fan Bingbing star in a spy movie felled by the strong Female Character.

Netflix desires to turn Scott Pilgrim right into an Anime personality The Japanese studio behind Devilman Crybaby would carry out the animation for the new adaptation.

Kelly Clarkson serves Up a Waitress covering of ‘She supplied to it is in Mine’ due to the fact that the musical and also Sara Bareilles asked so nicely.
RuPaul’s traction Race Season-Premiere Recap: The Season 14 different deserve to the keystone of this franchise continue to be fresh and also innovative despite the an international proliferation that the Drag Race IP?
my Sidney Poitier that was always transcendent, but there to be nothing quite favor watching the late actor and director take control of the display in the 1970s.
Quincy Jones Remembers Sidney Poitier: ‘I Will miss out on You Forever mine Dear Brother’ “Sidney had an aura of royalty & regalness around him unlike any kind of that ns had ever seen before or after.”
Blue Ivy Stan Tina Knowles celebrates 10-Year-Old’s date of birth “God it seemed prefer yesterday friend came into the people running things.”
A Hero Is Both ethical Fable and Mousetrap The an excellent Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s latest is a gripping drama, yet something feeling missing.
The Weeknd Descends further Into the Underworld in ‘Sacrifice’ Is that exactly how Old Weeknd gained on the sheathe of Dawn FM?
Oscar Futures: might Nicolas Cage Surprise us in finest Actor? together the will certainly Smith buzz cools, the ostensible front-runner has actually taken a earlier seat in the conversation.
Jim Carrey Not only Steals yet Is the display on the Weeknd’s Dawn FM that cameos as the DJ top top the album’s radio broadcast from purgatory.
Sidney Poitier, Trailblazing Oscar Winner and also Activist, Dead at 94 Whoopi Goldberg, Viola Davis, Jeffrey Wright, and an ext remember the To Sir, with Love star.
Jeopardy! Champion Amy Schneider Is currently a Millionaire She fight $1,019,001 in full earnings through her 28th win.
Himesh Patel ~ above the Eerie Parallels the Station Eleven and also His own Life and why he keeps getting here in apocalypse stories.
Is the Weeknd’s ‘I Heard you’re Married’ about Mrs. Ariana Grande? and while we’re in ~ it, how does Angelina Jolie fit into his Dawn FM narrative?
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