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So I have some endure with retropie but I"m brand-new to epsxe and can"t seem to get it to even begin. I have actually the BIOs and also other plugins yet currently eextremely time I attempt to start it I get Missing Render-Texture Extension/No Pixel format Available and also then it crashes. What perform I do? I"m simply trying to play a few Japanese ROMs however this is becoming tedious.
I am making use of home windows 10 on a lenovo flexpad 4 and This is the EXACT same issue I am having actually. I would prefer to play my playterminal games on my lapoptimal and it is MORE than powerful enough to usage this emulator. I do not recognize what is going on via this or why. I"ve tried every little thing I have the right to think of... this issue really demands to be figured out I"m sure we are not the just ones enduring this... Are there any other good playstation emulators I can usage maybe??

Just change: "RENDER MODE"
Ok so I made the resolve over which encountered that trouble yet it still doesn"t seem to job-related. It simply boots a black display which inevitably closes.The log seems to suggest everything is fine, it sees the ROM and also every little thing is ok.

Can you share me the game name and the md5 hash of the iso/bin?With the name in my hand, I might be able to test and also offer you better answer.cheers

==================================================Filename : Gensou Suiko Gaiden Vol.1 (Eng. Patched).binDocuments Size: 501.775.680CRC32 : DED6E2BDMD5 : 9D00210D9165104875F34B145E2DD00ASHA1 : EA120F3D3AB86798DBB089122DF5790DC09EDE35==================================================* hash codes can be acquired Nirsoft HashMyFiles and softwares aprefer.
Please, open up the file:
"Gensou Suiko Gaiden Vol.1 (Eng. Patched).cue".You deserve to modify it with some ordinary message editor, favor notepad++, and also readjust the content to:
I tested using:ePSXe 2.0.5, using HLE Bios, 1x CPU Overclocking, Dynarec (Fast) in CPU Mode and also both GTE Hacks disabled! Tested utilizing for audio ePSXe SPU Core and 3 plugins for video: ePSXe GPU Core, Pete"s D3D Driver 1.77, Pete"s OpenGL2 GPU Core.Please usage ePSXe GPU Core, and attempt aget. cheers
Holy hell all the Japanese games I tried worked, the one US game didn"t for some factor yet I suspected it was damaged all along. The only trouble left is that they seem to stutter really poor, if I recollection they occupational just fine approximately the allude I reset favor loading time or something.

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