As a Plasma facility Technician at BioLife, you’ll do a career out of making a difference. That means bringing impressive customer service with a emphasis on ours donors, paying fist to details when dealing with medical records, and also being a dependable component of an excellent team. Every while doing a project — collecting plasma — the serves a higher purpose in occurring life-saving medicines for those v rare diseases. Feel good about the job-related you do.

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full time High college diploma or equivalent May incorporate evenings, weekends, and also holidays.

Success Profile

What provides a effective Plasma center Technician in ~ BioLife? examine out the traits we’re spring for and also see if you have the ideal mix.

Multi-tasker 10 Responsible 7 Personable 10 Reliable 10 Detail-Oriented 8 Flexible 10


we live by Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance Every day us feel an excellent knowing that what we do helps boost the resides of patients through rare diseases

Career Path

Plasma center Tech leader to an elderly Plasma center Tech
Sr. Plasma facility Tech leader to advanced Plasma center Tech
advanced Plasma facility Tech leads to lead Technician
lead Technician leads to facility Supervisor/Training at sight
center Supervisor/Training super leader to Assistant Manager
Assistant Manager leader to center Manager
center Manager end this career route

In end 40 years, I’ve had actually three full time This is the finest job I’ve ever before had.
Scott L.

Sr. Plasma center Technician



Work-Life Balance

Regular hours and time because that life exterior of the office.

Health Care

Comprehensive coverage including Medical, Dental, Vision and Flexible safety Accounts.

Tuition Reimbursement

Learn and grow with tuition reimbursement.

Paid Time Off

Get the chance to relax and recharge with paid time off.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Bond through your newborn with Maternity and Paternity Leave.

Life and Disability Insurance

Take treatment of your future with Life and Disability Insurance.


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By clicking the “Apply” button, I know that mine employment application procedure with Takeda will commence and also that the information I administer in my application will certainly be handle in line with Takeda’sPrivacy Noticeand terms of Use. I further attest the all details I submit in my employment application is true to the ideal of mine knowledge.

Job Description

About BioLife Plasma Services

Every day in ~ BioLife, us feel great knowing the what we carry out helps enhance the lives of patients v rare diseases. While you emphasis on our donors, we’ll assistance you. We market a objective you can think in, a team you can count on, avenues for career growth, and a an extensive benefits program, every in a fast-paced, familiar environment.

BioLife Plasma solutions is a subsidiary that Takeda Pharmaceutical firm Ltd.

Plasma center Technician / entrance level Phlebotomist

Are friend interested in functioning in the medical care industry? ready to make a career the end of making a difference? together an entry level Plasma facility Technician at BioLife, you will receive on-the-job training and feel great about the work-related you do.

Life-saving work-related you can believe in.

Every day, the donors you fulfill will motivate you. The high-quality plasma you collect will come to be life-changing medicines. Here, a meeting to client service and quality is expected.

A common day because that you may include:

Exceptional customer Service: Answer phones, and also greet and also focus on our donors, while ensuring the safety and security of donors and our team.Medical background Records: You’ll use your attention to information to screen brand-new and repeat donors, and take and also record donor an important signs and finger stick results. You will use our Donor information System, prepare donor charts, maintain accurate records, and coordinate donor compensation.Continuous Improvement: You will help to determine operational opportunities for continuous improvement, initiate alters to center processes, as needed, through the use of firm approved procedures.Supportive Teamwork: You’ll job-related in our fast-paced, team environment; certain a clean and professional work-related environment; to visit team meetings; work very closely with your monitoring team; and problem-solve together.Being Dependable: you will do it be there for our donors, which contains working a selection of shifts, Saturdays and Sundays, and also holidays.Phlebotomy: You might learn just how to install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot state-of- the-art plasmapheresis devices while ensuring the security of our donors.

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High institution diploma or equivalentAbility to walk and/or was standing for the whole work shiftAbility to occupational evenings, weekends, and also holidaysAbility come lean, bend, stoop, crouch, and reach above shoulders and also below kneesAbility to lift approximately 5 lbs., and occasional lifting of products up to 32 lbs. And rarely 50 lbs.Fine engine coordination, depth perception, and ability to hear devices from a distanceDue come potential exposure to blood borne pathogens (risk level 1), 90% that work tasks require lengthy glove wear


Experience working in food service, retail, hospital, lab, or a regulation environmentStrong customer organization skillsDesire to occupational in a fast-paced workplace

EEO Statement

Takeda is proud in its meeting to developing a varied workforce and providing equal employment avenues to all employees and applicants for employment there is no regard come race, color, religion, sex, sex-related orientation, gender identity, sex expression, parental status, national origin, age, disability, citizenship status, hereditary information or characteristics, marital status, condition as a Vietnam era veteran, distinct disabled veteran, or other defended veteran in accordance v applicable federal, state and also local laws, and any other characteristic defended by law.