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There are no rules against entering the Gungeon v a girlfriend or servant.

But many Gungeoneers prefer to walk it alone in their search for the gun that have the right to kill the past.

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Well, other than for the Hunter. The dog is adorable.

Still, companions sign up with your project all the moment down in this maze of bullets, and even the other Gungeoneers will create relationships in the heat of battle.

All kinds of passive items can summon reinforcements that’ll help you face the risks of the Gungeon. Moreover, they’ll fulfill the deep desire because that companionship your character hides behind a tough exterior.

Let’s complement you up through the perfect companion.

10. Chicken Flute

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Fans the The Legend that Zelda will recognize the Chicken Flute as none various other than the Fairy Ocarina indigenous Ocarina the Time (1998) – and it doesn’t finish there.

Upon choose up the ocarina, a single chicken will start following the player, impede shots and occasionally dealing contact damage.

After receiving enough damage it’ll summon a horde of feather friends come terrorize all adversaries in the room – much like Cuccos would when assaulted by Link.

This B-tier item has wonderful synergy v The Scrambler, copy its damage potential by doubling its enemy-seeking pellets and increasing shot size.

Unlock by: Clearing The Bullet’s past.

9. Baby good Mimic

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Mimics space a harsh reality of RPGs that deserve to turn a moment of triumph into an untimely fatality in no time – however they’re no all bad.

For one reason or another, this minuscule mimic has actually mistaken you for its mother.

And it’ll execute its ideal to save you safe.

This includes blocking bullets and shooting in arbitrarily directions as soon as hit.

What provides this B-tier companion genuinely light is its capacity to transform into a copy of any other sidekick you may have. This deserve to really do a distinction with powerful companions favor Ser Junkan and the Super room Turtle.

8. Owl

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So you to be hurriedly heading under to platform 9 ¾ however lost your method and wound up in the Gungeon?

Don’t worry! Hedwi – i mean, the Owl is right here to help.

This S-tier items won’t lug you any correspondence.

But it’ll gladly shoot pellets at her enemies and protect you with short-range blanks.

It also has superior synergies with a ton of an effective weapons, most of which have something to do with the civilization of magic. These incorporate the Dungeon Eagle, the Bundle that Wands, and the Witch Pistol.

Unlock by: to win 10 wagers through the Gunsling King.

7. Super space Turtle

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Easily the many adorable companion in the entire game is the Super room Turtle, a tiny cosmonaut with an even smaller gun.

This hero from space is proactive about clearing rooms and also will hunt under your adversaries rather than just follow friend around.

While pretty powerful by itself, this B-tier companion have the right to synergize v the Yellow Chamber and become jammed.

This increases our turtle’s damage and also makes its shots piercing.

Unlock by: defeating the Blobulord.

6. Turtle Problem

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If the Super an are Turtle help you reach the Forge and also slay the dragon, you’ll unlock among my all-time favorite C-tier items – the turtle Problem.

Pick the up and you’ll an alert a friendly turtle strategy – the regular, non-super an are kind.

Every time you clean a room, you’ll have one more one join you because that the rest of the floor.

The turtles room passive and also barely manage to save up v the player, but their shells deserve to take a beating. Once you have actually a large enough army it’s like having actually a walking shield that follows you around.

Unlock by: Beating the High Dragun through the Super room Turtle companion.

5. Baby good Shelleton

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Shelletons are some of the many fearsome enemies in the Gungeon.

They’re likewise among the tallest!

But also they had actually a time as soon as they to be adorable tiny infant skeletons.

The Baby good Shelleton is an S-tier companion that attacks your adversaries with a eco-friendly version the the Shelleton’s laser beam.

It deals significant damage and has pretty good reach.

This dig lad it s okay even much better if you’re transporting the Shellegun or Shelleton Key.

4. R2G2

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If you’re searching for a companion who’ll take the fight to your enemies and also sway the tide of battle, R2G2 is the way to go.

This Gunmech Robot will certainly follow you until it detects enemies, which it automatically tries to get rid of with powerful projectile barrages.

It can also fly over pits to reach far-away foes, do it particularly useful versus Fuselier and the High Dragun.

As to be probably evident for most of you, this S-tier companion is a cute reference to among the most beloved robots in sci-fi: R2D2 indigenous the Star wars saga.

Unlock by: Repairing the elevator to the black Powder Mine.

3. Pig

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At first, this pig doesn’t look prefer much.

In fact it’s type of shifty.

And due to the fact that it go nothing yet follow friend around and (accidentally) block bullets, you can’t help but mistrust its intentions.

As it transforms out, this Pig only demands a tiny push come tap into its inner courage.

If it sees that is master around to die, it’ll run in former of just arrived damage and save their lives.

Witnessing such a selfless act filling you through determination not to permit their death be in vain – i m sorry translates into a complete health bar and a possibility to keep on fighting.

This A-tier items is already an excellent enough come warrant a high spot. Still, far-reaching synergies with The Scrambler, the Elephant Gun, the Ring the Miserly Protection, and others take it to the following level.

Unlock by: perfect the hunting for three The Beholsters.

2. Clown Mask

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If you’ve ever played the an excellent bank heist simulator Payday 2 (2013), you’ll acknowledge the Clown Mask and the helpers the summons.

This B-tier items was part of a cross-promotional event in between Enter the Gungeon and Payday 2 where several allegoric item were added to the game.

These encompass the Clown Mask, the booty Bag, and the Drill.

By itself, the mask will summon a character from Payday 2 to safeguard you versus your enemies, however each brand-new promotional article you get adds a new companion.

Eventually, you’ll have actually a whole squad that deserve to stun enemies, shoot at them v shotguns, and also protect you with blanks.

Unlock by: thefts the mask native the shop.

1. Ser Junkan

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Leading the load we have actually everyone’s favourite consolation compensation – Ser Junkan, an epos companion who’s all about recycling and also upcycling.

Ser Junkan may be a C-tier item, however don’t underestimate him.

This dirty record bag won’t transaction much damages at first.

But keep giving him Junk from destroyed chests and also he’ll gradually put together the tools he demands to look choose a real knight.

The much more Junk, the more powerful Ser Junkan becomes, till dealing pretty massive damage and also acquiring abilities prefer resurrecting the player upon death.

He can likewise pilot a bad-ass mecha if she lucky enough to discover Gold Junk.

Unlock by: beating a boss after upgrading Ser Junkan come +3.

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