I want to make it certain clear that this is in no means a overview to gain optimum troops because that YOUR specific team. Law this calls for a considerable amount of believed and, i believe, would be very certain to the team you room using, and also the team girlfriend are dealing with (and any kind of tournament rules).

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What i hope this article will achieve, for you, is to give a unstable idea where to target for once you space at a allude that you have actually some 4*s, but prior to you have actually time come REALLY placed a the majority of thought in yourself.

I will provide reasoning where I can, and also will connect to as many other advise posts I find useful as possible to aid you look additional into things once you acquire the time/inclination.

General convoy Advice

Troop Attributes

Attack: increases heroes assault statDefence: rises heroes defence statHealth: boosts the lot of wellness your hero hasHealing Bonus: rises the quantity of healing your hero receive (not how much they heal others!)Critical: rises the opportunity of your hero pulling turn off a crucial hit

Obtaining Troops

You have a little chance to get 1* and also 2* troops playing through solitary player levels. I recognize there appears to be approximately the same opportunity per level, so your best method of maximising this is to execute levels costing three flags, such together 8-7You have actually a tiny chance to acquire troops up to (and including) 3* from typical summon tokensThe only way to get 4* troops is via epic Troop Tokens (ETTs). These deserve to be provided as rewards in chests and so on or bought for 200 jewel (or 10 because that 1600 gems)


The barracks unlocks as soon as your stronghold will level 10. In ~ this suggest you will want to convert a level 5 (or higher) build (although other options are available) come a barracks.It take away 10 seconds and the usage of a builder (but is free) to revert it back to the original structure at any kind of time. Turning it ago gives you the original building ago at the level the was once you converted it (so convert a level 5 create will provide you earlier the level 5 forge).Replacing the barracks one of two people on the same structure OR A different ONE will certainly retain the barracks level, even if it was on a different building before.You deserve to only ever before have (or would certainly need) one barracks.

XP Costs

Troops the the very same colour can be sacrificed for XP (this presume level 1 troops - you gain marginally an ext for greater level troops):

1*: 40xp2*: 90xp3*: 200xp4*: 400xp

The XP cost for a provided level troop can be calculated as follows:XPCost = BaseCost + (IncrementCost * Level)

See also: Boolz troop CalculatorCommon (1*) Troops

There space 2 varieties of 1* troop - attack and defence. The most advantageous will count on the situation/hero, however I’ve not really thought about it much.




Level 5Level 3Level 2Level 2Level 2

Total XP Cost: 1320


These are beneficial for an obstacle events and tournament raidsDoing so needs a very small amount that XP (marginally an ext than a solitary L3 4* troop)I really prefer not having actually my troops combined in through each various other - this keeps mine “keepers” at the former of the queue and also uses these by defaultRare (3*) Troops

There are 3 varieties of 3* convoy - attack, all-rounders and defence. The most valuable will depend on the situation/hero, unless you are trying to complete difficulty events as conveniently as possible, in which situation you more than likely want attack troops to have the ability to complete them quickly.

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Level 9Level 5Level 3Level 2Level 2

Total XP Cost: 7150

ReasoningUnless friend are very lucky or security a many money girlfriend will spend months utilizing 3* troops together your key troopsWhilst you develop up your 4* troops, your 3* troops will be used for everything - as you boost you will most likely use 3-2 (3 heroes the one colour, 2 of another) teams and also mono (all one colour) teams, particularly in wars or against titansEven as soon as you manage to build up sufficient 4* troops, your 3* troops will proceed to be advantageous for challenge events and tournament raidsDoing so needs a moderate amount of xp (about the expense of a solitary L9 4* troop)I really favor not having my troops mixed in through each various other - this keeps my “keepers” in ~ the former of the queue and uses this by defaultEpic (4*) Troops

There room 2 types of 4* convoy - crit troops (who focus on defence and critical hit) and also mana troops (focusing on attack and mana generation). The most useful will count on the situation/hero, but is hotly contested.

Level 9Level 5Level 3Level 2Level 1

Total XP Cost: 11125

End Goal

I say end Goal, however obviously an finish goal would certainly be 5 4* maxed mana and 5 4* maxed crit troops of each colour. I think this is an ext reasonable, and also possibly doable in one human lifetime.


Level 30 critLevel 11 mana (+1T - very fast hero in attack)Level 7 critLevel 5 mana (+0.5T - rapid hero in defence)Level 3 any

Total XP Cost: 81975


As far as I deserve to tell, basic opinion is to choose crit troops. Thus (and because I nothing think over there is a huge amount in it) ns went with famous opinion and am aiming to get my initial crit troop to L30The exception to the crit being the favourite is wherein you have a hero through a an extremely Fast one-of-a-kind (eg Gravemaker or Guardian Jackal) in which instance a level 11 mana hero will typical they charge in 6 tiles quite than 7 - this is far much more helpful 보다 you might expect. Due to the fact that of this, and also in light of the Rush assault tournament kind where all heroes are very Fast, I chose to level one of each mana troop to L11After the an initial 2 troops I just leveled the next 3 I acquired - these deserve to be provided in war, tournaments, raid attacks, and also are used enough that i think castle warrant lug bumped a couple of levelsAlso precious noting the I have never sacrificed a 4* troop, despite having 6 or 7 of part coloursFurther Information

I hope this write-up has helped you - also if you perform not monitor the levels I’ve chosen for myself, hope it gave you enough information to decision on levels because that yourself and also has proven useful. Thanks for reading!

As you can probably tell, I’m acquisition it a bit much more easy on the - i m really sorry for no replying. Ns am still play the game in my alliance, Eldunarya. We would certainly love to have you and also we have spaces. We space an experienced, familiar bunch that take it straightforward (only battle hits room mandatory). Look united state up.