Christine Daaé, when an obscure ballerina, is provided a lead singing role in “Don Juan”, one opera composed by the Phantom that the Opera, a disfigured male who is obsessed v the lovely, young woman. This opera is in reality a complicated plot devised by the Phantom come kidnap Christine after finding out that she’s in love through Raoul, the Vicomte de Changy.

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Christine, who operatic triumph to be orchestrated by the phantom, to know that during the power she will certainly be taken away to the phantom’s lair under the theater. The Phantom death the top man, sets the opera residence on fire and also escapes with Christine. When Raoul involves save her, he is tied up and tortured while Christine is provided a complicated decision to make: she have the right to either continue to be with the Phantom if Raoul goes free, or refuse the Phantom if Raoul dies, and she goes free. Christine decides to continue to be with the Phantom. Raoul is released, however here’s a surprise — ~ all that — Christine in reality loves her captor.

Does Christine feeling pity or is the the authoritative power that the Phantom possesses that draws Christine to him?


Gerard butler & Emmy Rossum in “The Phantom that The Opera” (2004) (Credit:

While he did put Christine right into the limelight, the Phantom’s obsessive tendencies and also a predilection to violence don’t seem like the qualities that would win a woman’s heart. Walk Christine feeling pity, or is that the authoritative power that the Phantom possesses that draws Christine to him? The young woman, whose father has died long ago, appears to have, well, a little of dad issues.

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Perhaps it is why the song “Wishing You were Somehow here Again” is therefore moving. “You were once my one companion, you were all the mattered,” Christine sings in the graveyard on the fateful day prior to the power that will decide she fate. In the 2004 film variation of Phantom that the Opera, Christine (Emmy Rossum) wanders in between the monochromatic tombstones and also monuments to sing her desire to be with her father with such yearning and sincerity that it’s clear exactly how lost she is in the world without him. “You were once a friend and also father, then my people was shattered.” She had actually never truly healed from she loss, and also it appears she more than likely never will.

You were once my one companionYou were all the matteredYou were as soon as a friend and also fatherThen my people was shatteredWishing you were somehow below againWishing you were somehow nearSometimes it seemed if I just dreamedSomehow you would be here

Wishing I might hear your voice againKnowing that I never wouldDreaming of girlfriend won’t aid me come doAll the you dreamed i couldPassing bells and sculpted angelsCold and also monumentalSeem for you the dorn companionsYou were warm and also gentle

Too countless years fighting earlier tearsWhy can’t the past simply die?Wishing you to be somehow below againKnowing we must say, “Goodbye”Try come forgive, teach me come liveGive me the stamin to tryNo an ext memories, no an ext silent tearsNo much more gazing across the wasted yearsHelp me say, “Goodbye”Help me say, “Goodbye”