This game, unlike No Man"s Sky, will let girlfriend strand yourself method out in uninhabited an are while the end of fuel, unable to hyperspace you yourself to somewhere whereby you deserve to refuel yourself. You can"t simply manufacture fuel the end of easy to discover resources, girlfriend either have to buy it or siphon it from a star. Station are only in lived in space, and also while you can mount a fuel scoop on your ship to siphon fuel indigenous stars, you deserve to only execute it with details spectral types. And if you plan on getting the trophy because that visiting Sagittarius A, you"re going to be way outside that inhabited space for awhile.

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The necessary thing come remember when you"re spring at her galaxy map is the acronym KGBFOAM. These room the only star spectral varieties you can scoop fuel from. Once you"re plotting a course and you see the line on the map becomes dashed, that means you will certainly run out of fuel at that point. Far better hope you"re near a scoopable star or a terminal at that time. Or better yet, plan ahead.


Here"s a great video indict on fuel scooping:



An infographic native the Fuel Rats us on how to set up your galaxy map for this reason you only see scoopable stars once you"re make a long distance trip:



Finally, if all else fails and also you finish up stranding yourself, there"s a group of role-players in the Elite ar called the Fuel Rats that act as roadside service and also will kindly come aid you out no issue where girlfriend are. 20,000ly external of inhabited space? No problem. Just thing, together of relax they"re still gaining the community fully set up on PS4, for this reason it"s not quite as durable as the is ~ above Xbox and PC, at the very least not yet. Your website is here:

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Also, not directly related to maintaining your fuel supply however still associated to obtaining an leaf while traveling in the frontier, you have the right to supercharge her Frame shift Drive (your FTL engine) by connecting with a white dwarf or a neutron star. White dwarves and neutron stars can"t it is in scooped because that fuel, therefore don"t shot this as soon as you"re out of fuel since you"re walk to have to leave the system after you do this.

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The gist is to get in the relativistic jet of one of these two varieties of stars to grant a one-time bonus to your FSD"s jump variety (50% native white dwarves, 300% from neutron stars). The process can result in damages to your ship, bigger ships often tend to be far better at making it through it, and also your controls will go crazy while you"re doing it, for this reason it"s recipient to shot it the end a couple times because that practice before you have to shot it later on as a last ditch initiative to gain out of stranding yourself.