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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Detective J put thesqueeze on SlicRic, what did you carry out tothis woman to make her so angry, why walk she want united state to lock girlfriend up? Me? What did i do? I"m the one who need to want the womanlocked up in jail till she rots.Detective J asks why and also Ricproceeds to flex his wrecked pec.This! Mrs. Gaxiola came lastnight and also tried to slice and dice me!Why walk she do that? What deserve to Itell you? because she"s crazy! Detective J tells Ric that"s a comfortableanswer, if she yes, really did it then why not come under to the department and also filea complaint against Rebecca. Ric saysyeah, yeah, I"ll walk take care of it.Detective J, then transforms to Daniela that is every sorts of W.T.F is walk onhere, and says part woman called Milagros Fuentes concerned his office spring forher. Really? Uh-huh.. Ns guess she"s mumsy-in-law orsomething. Detective J is no to happythat Dani lied come Mili around where she supposedly was; and also the lie the aperson had actually been arrested in Ligia"s murder.He tells Whine-nelia not to usage him or his department in her lies. After ~ they leave Whiney attackes Rick"s hineyabout lying to her. You fan me anexplanation! What carry out you median RebeccaMurillo assaulted you with a knife? OhRic..you can want to put all the cutlery away.

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Back at Mili"s shetells Marcelo the Detective J, had actually no idea what she to be talking around and it"sobvious the Daniela lied to her she has actually no idea why. Marcelo says it clean to him, she didn"t tellMili to protect against a problem. Fine there isalready a problem and she"s going come hear from me as soon as she gets here! Mili is pressed and Marcelo gives her anewsflash; Dani is an adult woman andshe doesn"t need to notify Mili wherein she"s walk or who with. Mili says probably not however she feel responsiblefor her. Her mother has long sincepassed and her father doesn"t pay any attention come her. Climate there"s Marcelo. He says he cares about Daniela, yet he justdoesn"t think anything negative happened to her and also it won"t be long prior to sheshows up. Marcelo tells her that badnews comes quickly. Mili says she swearsshe doesn"t know what come think, she simply feels her heart is hanging by a thread. Marcelos speak his mommy to patience down, he"sgoing to perform all he deserve to to find Dani.
Sergio come intowork and also asks Leti why she concerned his apartment. She tells him to check out if he can tell herwhere to locate her father. Me? Howwould ns know? fine he pertains to see theboss and you work very closely with him, so i figured you would know. Lety saysshe"s too embarrassed come ask Mario herself. Sergio claims nope ns don"t know, butwhy execute you desire to acquire a hold of her father?Lety states that"s her business.Well okay then,..why don"t girlfriend ask Felicia? She can offer you the information, right?
Dani desires to knowwhy rick lied around the assault. Heshould have told she the reality from the very beginning. Well ns did the to defend you. The doesn"t want her affiliated in his personalproblems and also work issues. Dani keepspressing what perform your work business have to do with her. What walk your need to do v what she did?And don"t tell me it"s since she"s crazy, because like the Detective, i won"tbe satisfied either. Rick says he"sknown that household for a long time and they"ve never gained along well. Come complicate matters further, now he"s anattorney functioning for she husband"s company partner. Now that cooperation isbeing terminated. Dani quiet wonderswhat that needs to do v anything. Ricktells Dani that Rebecca"s husband is around to lose a big part that the fabricaand the money and also she doesn"t choose it.Since The mrs is obviously no well in the head, she desires tointimidate him to give up the case. Daniis quiet skeptical and thinks the whole thing is strange, however Rick tells she tolook at him in his eyes and also then assures her the she is someone really importantto him and also he hates lying to her. The doesn"t want her to lose belief inhim. Dani states in these type ofsituations it can"t be different. Ricktells she to think, if he was trying to trick her why would he suspicion Rebeccain former of her. So the he would to gothrough all of these explanations he"s providing her? The factor he"s doing the is due to the fact that hedoesn"t desire secrets in between them. Dani says if that hadn"t been because that thatdetective, she still would think it was an a bolt assault and she would havenever learned the truth. Well if ithadn"t been for the detective, i would have never well-known you have actually amother-in-law and that girlfriend live v her.Now you can "splain to me por favor!Snap!
Al concerns theFabrica and also is told by Normita that Magda has actually been wait awhile because that him inhis office. Before he leaves, Normitaasks if he"s feeling ok. Yes why? Wellyou look at a bit drawn/gaunt. Al saysyes, the doesn"t know why the whole human being is do the efforts to make him sick. He provides Magda a warmth greeting in his officeand she speak him she has actually been meaning to come by for a few days, to provide him an invite to her wedding butfor one factor or one more hasn"t to be able too. He speak her that Mario is a an extremely fortunateman since he"s marrying a grand woman.Magda says and also Mario is a grand man.Magda claims Al and also Naz space going come be she witnesses, Al states of course. Magda states she additionally doesn"t want Rebeccathere and Al claims he understands and she is within she rights; the doesn"t wanther over there either. He tells Mags the he"s started the divorce proceedings.Magda asks if Al"s decision needs to do through Ricardo said him around her. Al claims no, that had already lost trust inher but what Ricardo claimed did add to it, especially when the learned…. Magda prompts him, friend learned what? Al says he has a concern for Mags, wheneverything with her wedding busted up and she left, did she talk toAdriana? Mags says yes once she arrivedat the convent she dubbed Adrian come let her know she to be alright. Fine did she speak anything? Anything around what? Al says about how she was feeling. Magda is thoughtful in this minute as shereflects and says what she remembers is the her sister sounded sensitive andhad to be crying. Crying? Why? Asks Al.Magda speak Al the Adriana told she she let go her very much but washappy the Mags had actually gone come resume her life far from every the crap. The both ponder that for a couple of seconds beforeMags asks Al why he"s asking around all that this.Al claims no reason, maybe it"s just that he"s also an extremely sensitive in thismoment.
At casa Gax, Rebecca to meet sNora ~ above the second levelhall way. Where room you going? I have actually an appointment through my psychiatrist,I"m sure you don"t mind. No that coursenot, if that renders you feel great than I"m every for it. Okay well bye…oh and by the way, walk youknow the Marcelo"s brother committed suicide?Rebecca states yes, she heard something about it. SNora says it make her skin crawl as soon as hetold her. It additionally got her fist whenshe discovered out that he walk it because of a woman. What a bad thing. Rebecca states she has no idea however she thinksit"s something the shouldn"t interest either her or sNora. Right? clearly it does, yet sNora says of coursenot. As shortly as she is out thedoor, Rebecca is increase the stairs tosNora"s room v Lucia not far behind confirming that sNora did leave. Lock both ransack sNora"s room, spring forthe gun.
Back at Mario"s lawfirm, Lety asks Felicia if she couldplease have the contact information because that Ricardo Marquez. I don"t know who that male is. Lety says it doesn"t matter, she has theinformation it"s on the agenda. Feliciasays oh sorry however the just agenda she manages is the personal one because that the bossand she doesn"t have actually the authority to give Lety that information. Lety claims look Felicia, if I"m questioning forthat information it"s no for a whim, it"s since I require it. What carry out you require Lety? Felicia starts telling Mario what"s goingdown and also he cuts her off, Felicia offer her every the information she"s askingfor. They"re in ~ the end of the letter M.Yes, sir! Lety is obviouslygrateful to Mario for no making a huge deal the end of what is a breakable matterfor her. On the other hand Felicia who is none to pleased at gift madeto execute something she didn"t want to perform reluctantly hand the card to Lety withRicardo"s deets. We require to have actually a byeFeli-shuh minute soon!
sNora"s room is aswrecked together her mind, other than there"s quiet no gun! Rebecca says this is a wasteof time, yet Lucia claims that gun has to be some place. Rebecca says maybe her daughter didn"t stealher boyfriends gun and also he do it up so he can find an excuse to reveal hisbrother"s suicide to she daughter. Luciasays if Marcelo want to betray she he would have currently done it. Well it"s clean it"s no here, who knowsmaybe she shed it or threw the in the trash.Right then Tere come in and nearly has a stroke. What taken place here? What"s it to you? Rebecca asks stompingout. Lucia tells Tere not to payattention to she Tia, rather she wants Tere to assist her clean sNora"s roombefore she returns. Prior to shereturns?!!! yes! Tere is favor ya"ll are all cuh-razy in thishouse!
Speaking of…the vicepresident the the coalition for the crazies in Puebla, tells her psychiatristthat she discovered out something critical night that has actually been walk round and round inher head. What"s that? It needs to do v Marcelo"s brother. He committed suicide, by shootinghimself. Why does that stroked nerves you somuch? walk you know him? sNora says nobut people who kill themselves attention her.She then asks that if he"s had actually patients who have actually killed themselves. Roman says well you have actually attempted that a fewtimes right? She states yes. He stated in fact the critical time was v anover sheep of pills that ns supposedly prescribed you. SNora gets super testy and also says no, the wasa false attempt to trick her father, but he currently knows that since he alreadyhad a lengthy talk with her sister. Romanconfirms she"s right and also says despite what sNora thinks she sister is veryconcerned for her and also even if she doubt it, Lucia loves her. SNora isn"t the least bit moved and insteadasks if she sister understand him more orthe exact same as before. Roman inn is clearlyfrustrated and says that doesn"t recognize why sNora insists on ending on theconversations ~ above the same thing. SNorasays because she"s no an idiot and she to know perfectly fine what that feels forher sister. Well see you next weeksNora! oh by the method the cologne youwere using before smells much better than the one you room using now. Roman disappoints me if he can"t manage thisstale fruit cake.
Detective J speak hisapprentice Ramos the he doesn"t to trust Ricardo Marquez and also it provides him doubthis testimony around the hour and location of where he was v Amadiva Zunigaon the work Ligia Cervantes to be murdered.His companion asks if he believes that wound in Ric"s shoulder was fromMrs. Gaxiola. It"s possible, however Idon"t think he"s walk to document a complaint. Why? Detective J, says because even despite Ric isa laywer, the doubts the he enjoys righteousness proceedings. Junior Detective claims well what if us go totalk come the lady, probably we can find out something. Detective J, appears to prefer this idea.
Marcelo speak Luciathat sNora needs to have surprise that total someplace. She agrees yet swears she hasno idea whereby else to look. Marcelo claims they have to uncover that gun. Lucia indicate they ask Roman. Who? sNora"s psychiatrist, probably he deserve to helpus to convince her to provide it back.Marcelo says maybe you"re sister was right and also he"s in love with you. Oh brother, this childish ish again? still Lucia states that to be a stupid thingthat sNora made up. Lucia indicate theyboth go and talk to roman to get his aid and that means Marcelo can gain to knowhim. Marcelo indicate she walk alone, hehas a lot of work come do and besides he demands to discover Daniela. He describes to Lucia what occurred last nightand this morning Dani doesn"t answer she cell and also he"s called everywhere, thered cross and all the hospitals. No one knows anything around her. Execute you think something taken place to her? Marcelo doesn"t know however he can"t aid butfeel worried.
Daniela finallyslinks in and Mili is waiting at the table.Well say thanks to God you lastly arrived where have actually you been? i was therefore worried. Dani tells Mili the she already knows thatold biddy dubbed the windy Ministry and discovered her lie. Mili currently wants to understand where Dani to be allnight and also with who? Dani rightfullytells the old gal through all early out respect you require too back it up and mind yourbiz. She"s around to go away when Miligrabs her and also swings her around. Shewill no tolerate Dani speaking to her the way. Oh yeah? Well ns won"t tolerate girlfriend meddlingin my life, what I execute or don"t do is mine business. Mili says Dani is an ungrateful and forgetshow easily all Mili has done for her. She"s supported her v Marcelo, givenadvice and also protected her like a daughter.Well no one asked you to, my mother died many years ago and i haven"tthe little intention of recognize a substitute. Mili hears her yet she doesn"t recognizeDani. What"s going on with you? Danisays the only thing she just said, she"s tired of Mili do the efforts to manage her life. Ns rent this place and also I don"t think it"sconvenient no longer for us to continue sharing it. So space you throwing me out? No. I"m questioning in the nicest way to go! Dang that Mili she sure gets tossed the end a many . Assumption: v Ric will be a constant guest now.
Naz recountsAmadiva"s ceramic throwing temper tantrum and also that Lalo has actually filed a reportregarding the situation to Marcelo, but Al is confirm out. That apologizes to Nazbut he"s gained something walking round and also round in his head the he can"t get out. Naz provides to aid but Al speak him it"ssomething he had actually to settle on his own.Nosy Naz claims oh so I"m not no longer valuable for you come unburdenyourself? Or you don"t have actually trust in me?Al claims he has a many trust in Naz but this is a fragile matter thatinvolves Rebecca. Naz tho pressesanyway. What happened this time? Al says he hasn"t been able to check ityet, but if that does, that doesn"t knowwhat he"s qualified of. Naz looks worried.
At casa Gax, Rebecca puffs she ciggy on the driveway whenTere comes to tell her the the Detective is right here to view her. Rebecca watch rattled and tells Tere come tellthem she"s not here. As well late, Ialready told castle you to be here and they room in the life room. Rebecca stubs the end the ciggy and also puts hergame face on. She strides coolly intoher house and also asks why carry out you desire to talk to me? Detective J, dram his own hand and tells herthat after that spoke through her yesterday he was very intrigued and also so that went tosee Ricardo Marquez. And? Well i was surprised to hear the he desires meto lock girlfriend up, he"s prepared to file a complain for check murder. Five so he"s okay. For this reason you accept that that accuses you of tryingto murder him? After every little thing he"s excellent to me, it"s the the very least hedeserves. *Cue sNora listening at thedoor* Rebecca proceeds come tell DetectiveJ, the Ric resulted in her marital relationship to loss apart v lies and also then the tried torape her. *Cue sNora busting in* Who?Who tried come rape you? price memom, tell me the name of the miserable and also what story the made up about you. Girlfriend gotta love sNora, she will throw downwith Lucifer himself to safeguard her mama!Well don"t continue to be quiet call me!Rebecca speak Detective J, if they have actually nothing else to please leaving soshe can talk through her daughter. Shecalls for Tere and then tells Detective J, unless he has actually a warrant to take it herto jail. The tells she that"s every for themoment and also of food they"ll be in contact.Tere is instructed to present them out.They have actually barely hit the door as soon as Rebecca tells sNora who the manis. His surname is Ricardo Marquez the manwho left your Aunt Magdalena at the altar.Oh boy…gun accomplish Ricardo. Carry out wesee this comes or what? Rebecca knowsfull fine what she daughter is qualified of and also Rebecca doesn"t do anythingwithout intention. Outside Detective Jtells his junior Detective that yup, she do the efforts to murder Ricardo Marquez. Wellwhy didn"t girlfriend arrest her? Det. J saysbecause we need a officially complaint and also I don"t think we"re going come getone. Small evidently to know the lawbetter since he states attempted killing is a legit investigation, no require forthat official complaint. Det J states yes,but the prefers come wait till he has an ext proof.Rebecca Murillo could say it was in self defense. Grasshopper states alright. Det J states look Ramos when everything iscloudy it"s best to have all the hair of the mockery in the hand beforeacting. Or something come thateffect. Ramos says yeah yeah..Iknow. Det J says what is the mostcurios is the relationship in between the young lady that was through RicardoMarquez. She"s the cousin that the womanwho was murdered. Ramos says yeah,because it"s yes, really strange the she would certainly be through the guy who provided the alibifor the primary suspect in her cousin"s murder.Exactly! Let"s check out where all this leads us. Where"s the car? Ramos tells him this way.
Back inside the casaGax, Rebecca speak sNora what Ricardo issaying. The he left Magda in ~ the altar due to the fact that she had pledged eternal love tohim and also promised to run away through him.sNora asks if the isn"t true. Ofcourse not! I"m offended that you would certainly doubt me. SNora claims she doesn"tunderstand why that man would consist of such things. Rebecca states she doesn"t have the slightestidea why either but just prior to that he was trying come blackmail she for moneyand since she refused he"s inventing every these things. SNora desires to know why he"s taking care of hermother, there"s a reason. Rebecca saysshe doesn"t know, maybe since she"s a married mrs he believed he couldmanipulate her. She tells sNora thathe"s also the man that dubbed the other day top top the phone. You told me the he was a male that Sara andher daughter contacted to reason trouble in between you and also my father. Rebecca claims well every one of it needs to do witheach other and also that lout is Lety"s father.The same man you met as soon as you went to her house. Really?Yes. SNora asks if her fatherknows all of this. Rebecca says hedoesn"t understand that the male tried come rape her however Al knows every one of the ingredient Ricis accusing her of about Magdalena.That"s what he"s using to questioning me for a divorce. SNora can"t handle every one of this mess and saysshe"s sorry yet this is all too strange but Rebecca has an answer for all it. Ric is a male who disappeared after ~ leavingLety"s mother pregnant and Magdalena jilted in ~ the alter. Currently he reflects up every these years later on lookingto obtain money indigenous whomever. Does that seema to trust worthy person? sNora to be puttingup a good struggle however I"m starting tofeel sorry for her. She"s favor a rat ina Boa"s mouth, slowly being swallowed.
Lety discussions whetherto speak to her bio dad and after a false start actually goes v with it. Ring, ring! Hello…..Heello! It"s Lety.Lety! What a surprise. She tellshim she heard that he to be attacked and also wanted to watch if he to be okay. He states yes he to be stabbed in the shoulderbut he"s far better and thanks her for worrying. He gently urges her to come seewith her very own eyes, that"s he much better.She panic and also says she can"t then abruptly hangs up. Sergio comes upon best then and also asks who shewas talking to. She claims it waspersonal. Lety what the hell is thematter? with me? *shrug* Nothing. Fine don"t play dumb, call me what yourproblem is with me. What provides you thinkI have actually a difficulty with you? Sergio claims it"sbeen weeks that she"s been remote with him and also then that finds out from the bossthat she wants to resign since she"s suddenly uncomfortable working v him. Room yougoing to refuse it? No. Okay then what did ns do? at what minute didwe avoid being friends? Lety"s feelings begin bubbling up and also up and also she also stands up and also says space you the stupid that youdon"t realize? establish what? Oh..nothing important. Sergio tells she the only thing he to know isthat she is burning up through anger since the ceo is marrying an additional womanand she"s taking it the end on Sergio. It"snot his error she dropped in love through a male twice she age and also he doesn"t return herfeelings. Sergio pipeline Lety speechless.Probably the an initial time in she life she doesn"t obtain the last word. Sergio is a cutie for sure.

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Roman who appears to beunwinding in his office through a solo video game of chess, gets a speak to from Lucia. Heappears happy come hear from her, or maybe it"s just he"s happy to speak tosomeone normal? the asks how she"s doing andshe claims fine…but then says no no fine.Today a trouble came up v sNora and she wants to know if she can comeby come talk with him. He speak her has actually a busy schedule today yet later he has togo out to view a patient, deserve to they meet about eight external the office? Lucia says that"s perfect and also they agree tomeet climate at a coffee shop, named Miro.After they cave up he has the I"ve-been-sprinkled-with-fairy-dust grinon his face and also it"s noticeable he"s looking front to seeing princess fairyLucia later. SNora knew the indications beforehe did.
Right ~ that,Marcelo it s okay a call from the fairy questioning him if he"s heard native Daniela. He says no and she then tells him she knowshe"s busy but she do an appointment through sNora"s psychiatrist and she wishes hecan come. He says he doubt he"ll beable to go but he specific she have the right to resolve this without him. She states she"ll contact him when she"sdone. Kisses! Kisses right earlier at"cha! Marcelo playfully teases she to not obtain alldolled increase for she appointment. She tellshim no to start with his stunner jealousy. Ideal then there"s a knock at herdoor and it"s Tere who has involved see if one of two people of the 2 dresses in she handwill be ideal for Magda"s wedding.Lucia says of course. Terethinks no of them are elegant enough however Lucia claims her aunt"s wedding isgoing to be simple. For this reason Lucia picks theblue one and holds approximately her own body, so Tere have the right to see how lovely the is. Lucia says speaking of her Aunt, she has togo and also see her around something important.She heads out and also tells Tere one an ext time..the blue one! Tere admires she reflection through the dressagainst her. Five yes girl..I can currently see myself…I cansee myself! ns love Tere, she"s together afun girl!
Meanwhile at theFabrica, Lalo tries to acquire Naz to help him decide between two ties that hebought in ~ a retired pimps yard sale. Naz tries delicately to weasel the end ofmaking a choice by saying he"s not an excellent at this stuff yet Lalo says well justpick one. Marcelo come along and gets inquiry to choose one. He it s okay the I-tried-to-avoid-this-too look,but Marcelo simply rips the band help off and also says, no offense yet I think I"d buya brand-new tie. Both of these ties are too flashy.Lalo turns to Naz and asks if he think the same. Yes. Lalo says but they have Toucans. That"s why, says Naz. Lalo states well he think the very same thing,because the last thing he to plan to do is go and also embarrass anyone. Naz is glad the Marcelo called Lalo the truth,Marcelo thinks Lalo will be grateful later.They chuckle and also then Marcelo asks if he"s seen Alonso because he hassome documents for him to sign. Naz claims nobut he was there earlier in the morning and also he said some things that Naz wantsto talk about with Marcelo.
At the hospitalcourtyard, Sara and Al talk about therequest she put into the save department, to check out if they have the right to confirm thatAdriana was admitted twice the work she died.Al ask if lock said exactly how long it would certainly take to get the information. Sarasays no, yet she thinks it"s going to it is in awhile and besides it"s been more thantwenty years and also there have actually been miscellaneous administrations, and systems have been updated. Al claims yes, but he can"t wait he needs to knowwhat happened. He suggest maybe that she speak to Amadiva. Why? because he and also Ric space friends, maybe he toldAmador that he left Magda for Rebecca.Sara reminds Al that Amador is no someone to trust and also that he"s goingto say specifically what Ricardo desires him to.Al claims she"s right and also Sara suggest he let all of this go, all this digging in the previous is hurtinghim. Al claims maybe but he can"t juststay v is eight crossed. That asks Sarato carry out him a favor and also until they discover out something, he wants it kept betweenthe two of them and also especially don"t speak anything come Magda. She agrees.He says he needs to go and she worries he"s now going to look forAmador. Al states no, he"s going come seeMario since he has actually the divorce papers ready.Al is happy since as soon as this is over, he and also Sara will begin anew life. ~ a sweet kiss, she tellshim that if that doesn"t view his cardiologist castle won"t be able to startanything. She provides to do him anappointment yet he refuses and says he"ll tell she what the told Rebecca. The hasno plan on dying until he finds out what really happened. Oh brother…that"s not a great thing to throwout into the world Al.
Marcelo asks Naz ifAl mentioned anything around his brother and also Rebecca. Naz states no Al only stated Rebecca andthat it to be a serious situation and also when he had confirmation he didn"t exactly how he would certainly be capable of reacting. Marcelosays probably he was talk of other else.Naz claims probably yet the situation between Rebecca and also Marcelo"sbrother to be serious and then there"s the truth he died. Naz states he simply wantedto offer Marcelo a top up. Marcelo many thanks Naz.No need he says and also leaves.Marcelo gets a speak to from Rafi alerting him come Dani"s reappearance. Whereby was she? i don’t know, that"s every your mother said.
Whinenelia reflects upto Rick"s place and he states he didn"t think she was going to come back. Ns told you ns was going to bring youmedicines. Her anti- inflammatory and antibiotics. That tells she she is an extraordinary nurseand climate pulls her right into a passionate kiss.She responds and then traction away, and also says because he"s emotion betternext time he will involved see her. Hesays no..I have actually no desire to satisfy your mumsy-in-law. She corrects him..Ex suegra and don"t worrybecause she"s no going to live with me anymore. Ric says when the name RebeccaMurillo came up earlier, she didn"t it seems ~ surprised. Dani claims let"s simply say I recognize who she is,we"ve talked a few times and I don"t trust her either. Ric keeps fishing and also Dani says to discussher she"d need to tell that all about her ex and also that"s in the past. Yes?Yes. Completely sure? fully sure. The 2 kiss and also Dani looks like a guppygasping for air. Ns can"t.
Magda tells Sara thatshe"s walking to miss her seniors..blah blah…you"re only gone 2 weeks. That"s along time when you"re old. Sara tellsher not to exaggerate and that they must go so she deserve to say goodbye to them.
Mario has the divorcepapers ready and offers to have actually them sent out to Rebecca but Al prefers come givethem to her in person. Baaaad idea Al!He asks Mario how long it will certainly take and also Mario claims uncontested around twomonths yet he doubt that will certainly be the situation here. Al states yes, Rebecca has said a thousandtimes she won"t sign divorce papers. Is over there a method to force her? Mario states we have to wait because that the referee toweigh in, but he speak Al to not worry about all that best now. What problem is he"s acquisition the firststep. Al says the following thing is the wantsto change his will. That has every little thing inorder and hands a document to Mario. Mariosays every he has to do is get every little thing in order and then discover his notary. The just glitch would certainly be that would have actually towait till he gets earlier from his honeymoon in two weeks. The other option is Al deserve to go straight to thenotary. Al says, no, he have the right to wait untilMario gets back. That doesn"t desire to push Mario right before hiswedding. Mario confirms Al is walking tobe there and also he claims he wouldn"t miss it because that anything. Five gosh all of this doesn"t sound an excellent atall.
Back in ~ the hospital,Sara is surprised by her seniors and Lucia with a bachelorette party! just how cute.What are you doing here? Magda asks Lucia. Lucia tells her that Sara called her about itand she"s therefore happy to check out how every one of these people love she aunt therefore much. Magda claims not as much as she lovesthem. She"s presented through a gift through hergroup of yonsei friends. On the other hand Sarapulls Lucia off to the next to ask her to to convince her father to view hiscardiologist. Lucia says he"s not fineis he? Sara assures her the he"s notdelicate but he needs to be under observation.Lucia swears she will also if she has to drag him. They resume the party with Magda that is sohappy and also excited.
Night falls in Pueblaand it"s eight pm. Lucia meets her newadmirer she apologizes for being late.He provides to order she a drink however she refuses speak she came from abachelorette party and currently ate a lot.He asks she what new problem her sister is in. How do i start? How ever before you want.
Brigiduhsighting! She comes down stairs and asksAmadiva if it"s true what the told she yesterday. Is Al yes, really going to leaveyou in the streets? Of food it"s truehe"s the majority shareholder and owner the the Fabrica. Al have the right to do what hewants. Brigi indicate he contact Ricardo,he"s a lawyer. Amadiva says he alreadydid it and he was no help. He had actually noidea what an it s not enough ability lawyer Ric was.Well what are we going come do? how are us going to live? Amadiva believed she was leaving him. Brigi says seeing as just how things are, shethinks they should go on living together.Amadiva says oh wow, that"s so type of girlfriend Brigi. Yes yeah..well what do you plan to perform to getout of this problem? Amadiva has no ideabut the may need to sell the house and they"ll need to start end again andsomewhere else. The tells her he"s onhis method to call Mario to sign the dissolution of the partnership. Brigi clearlywasn"t prepared for any type of of this.
Lucia speak Romanthis is serious. There"s no doubt sNorahas that gun and also the have to discover it.He/Roman is their only hope in gaining sNora to return it. Roman claims that"s all good and well yet thenhe"d need to tell her how he knows all about this. Lucia states yes, she has actually no trouble with himtelling sNora just how he knows and she additionally doesn"t care if climate she claims that you…Roman says that ns what? finish what youwere going come say. Lucia states it"s a stupid thing that sNora obtained in her headand she doesn"t protect against repeating it. Sheeven said Marcelo. Roman asks her totell the what stupid thing sNora said.Lucia states it embarrasses her however she"s going come tell the so it doesn"tcome as a surprised to him. Snora saysthat you"re particularly interested in me.Roman says well, her sister is telling the truth. She"s not inventinganything. I think you"re a veryattractive woman specifically a an extremely interesting one. Right then Marcelo come in to what appearsto be a an extremely intimate moment between the not-a-couple-but-they-look-like-one. Lucia looks guilty and Roman looks in ~ herwith totally adoring eyes. Ohboy! things just got super funny andMarcelo…this male never when rolled in the sheets with tia Rebecca. Simply sayin".
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