/ 5/ 6/ 1)Online trophies: 0Minimum variety of playthroughs: 1 (Provided friend save before the true ending split), 2 otherwise.

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Number of missable trophies: 2: The human being Unified, Money isn't Everything!Glitched trophies: NoneDo trophies stack? NA/EU and JP versions have separate trophy listsDo cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats

Introduction:Eiyuu Senki is a tactical role-playing game and also visual novel hybrid featuring number of renowned historical figures portrayed as anime women. The video game was initially an erotic game however the sex scenes have been removed for the PS3 release. The story sees a nameable masculine protagonist (defaulted come Chihaya) that must assist the clumsy leader of Yamatai take manage of the entire world before her catastrophic prediction comes true.None of the trophies space particularly an overwhelming (bar overcoming Shambhala), however both the video game itself and the post-game dungeons are rather time-consuming. It need to be noted that there space bonus items for conquering certain areas ahead of schedule. 3 of this items are really, really helpful for shaving time off at the end of the game and also will it is in accounted for in the walkthrough. The trade-off because that this is that enemy troops will obtain 5% health and wellness which isn't lot of an issue anyway.As because that viewing cutscenes, friend should try to watch them all together each one renders a character slightly better as castle gain brand-new equipment slots, find items, yet most important they learn their ultimate an approach - which help immensely in the end game. The best thing to perform is declare war on a region, overcome it and also then watch one scene a turn. You gain money each turn but going 3 turns without utilizing an action point place you right into a fight versus weakish but annoying bandits.A feature that isn't explained an extremely well in the video game is the kind match-ups. The following snapshot (from the Eiyuu Senki wiki) is the graph of which units space effective against which:


Using a type that's "super effective" deals an ext damage, however the the contrary team benefit "brave balls". Brave balls are vital for using one-of-a-kind techniques and also sometimes it's a great move to take super effective strikes to farm them. Girlfriend gain around 1/3 that a bar in ~ the start of each revolve (without item modifiers) and around 1 bar because that a non-effective attack. You gain none because that an effective strike while the opponents gain around 1 bar.Walkthrough:Step 1: Play with the game until overcoming RussiaNote that you desire to make sure you overcome Hawaii before Australia, Macedonia before the Indias and also Vinland prior to the Incas because that bonus items. The 3 items in inquiry are Fruit that the Tree of expertise (Victory and an excellent Victory bonus +50%), Gullinbursti (Always act an initial in battle) and also Tamatebako (Have 0 wait once). An instance path one deserve to take is:Japan, Taika, Mongolia, India, EU (South Seas), Hawaii, Australia, Macedonia, Indias, USA, Egypt, Vinland, Incas, Aztec, EU (Europe), Dark kingdom (Africa), Russia.You will be given an option to acquisition USA rather of fighting for it. Execute not buy USA when readily available to obtain a trophy (if you want to, you deserve to save/reload after obtaining the trophy).Around the mid-game, girlfriend should try to conserve money as lot as possible, using it solely for replenishing troops as much as possible. Over there are characters that space unlocked by having actually a certain amount of money, approximately 1,000,000 gold.Russia itself is challenging to overcome as at the start of every battle, your troops can't take care of the cold terrain and lose half of their health. It's a great idea to carry healers choose Himiko into battle for this fights.Upon completing action 1, you will earn:

The very first Victory The maid of heaven Taika Empire overcame Mongolia dominated India overcame South Seas conquered Southern Hawaii dominated Australia Conquered Macedonia Conquered Money isn't Everything! north America Conquered Egypt Conquered Vinland Conquered southern America Conquered EU Conquered Dark realm Conquered Russia Conquered Zipang Unified eastern Asia Unified

Step 2: make a back-up save, common EndingBefore conquering Britannia, make a save for use later on (it will save you having actually to go v the whole game again for the true ending later). Carry out not overcome Babylonia and also Uruk in this step. Loss Britannia and also the Illuminati to get the common ending.

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Upon completing action 2, you will earn:

Britannia Conquered The civilization Unified

Step 3: Reload save, True EndingThis time, dominate Babylonia (you can't overcome it through fighting, you have to talk to Hammurabi to gain it) and also Uruk prior to Britannia. Then, make certain you have actually 1,000,000 yellow at some suggest during the war against the Illuminati and also complete every side search to obtain the extra characters. When you finish the final area that the normal ending, end the turn to begin the true finish route. Throughout the last campaign, you'll acquire the last character you require for the trophy They room All girlfriend of Mine.Upon completing step 3, you will earn:

Babylonia Conquered Uruk conquered Sasaki Kojirou Rich Super wealthy Ultra Rich They room All friend of Mine with each other Forever

Step 4: Post-game and also clean-upDuring the true finishing route, you gain accessibility to one optional final dungeon Shambhala. Upon completing the true ending, the video game rewinds come the state right prior to the last fight. See I am Invincible because that a little guide that tricks, combos and advice because that Shambhala. The various other trophies will certainly most most likely unlock during the remainder of the game but are still available to collect throughout this step.Upon completing action 4, you will certainly earn:

never Let Anyone obtain Hurt Gentleman Can't gain My Beloved people Hurt i Am Invincible The grasp of the World