Say I"m eating peanut butter out of a jar via a spoon, for this reason presumably transporting some of my saliva into the bottle.

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Some study suggests that this sort of double-dipping can be a wellness risk if the food is then going to be consumed by others.

But are tbelow any meaningful dangers of contamination if I"m the just one that will be eating the peanut butter?


In enhancement to actually including unwanted species, you"re additionally adding moisture to a food that"s otherwise very low in water. This will certainly readjust its ability to support the development of mould and bacteria in the damp bits.

If you polish off a jar in a couple of days and also constantly eat the little bit you formerly acquired saliva on, I"m certain the threats will be vanishingly tiny. If you leave it for a pair of weeks after dipping in a well-licked spoon, I"m much less confident.

As a helpful measure it would certainly seem basic to spoon out as a lot as you desire right into one more container, then eat that. That likewise implies you have the choice of sharing it quite than having to refuse on the basis that you can also have actually spat in it.


Even if you eat it all by yourself, and all the bacteria is sourced from you; you still have food safety and security involves. As those bacteria could multiply in the jar, and begin developing toxins as well.


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