Federal prosecutors in brand-new York probing ties between the worlds of drug dealing and also rap music have actually filed murder charges in the slaying the a rapper recognized as E-Money Bags.

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Federal prosecutors in brand-new York probing ties in between the human beings of drug dealing and also rap music have filed killing charges in the slaying of a rapper known as E-Money Bags.Assistant U.S. Lawyer Carolyn Pokorny stated yesterday (Nov. 18) the Dennis "Divine" Crosby and also Nicole Brown could face the fatality penalty if convicted of the 2001 shooting. Investigators think the crime was a revenge slaying ordered by drug kingpin Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, according to records in the case.Prosecutors think McGriff laundered numerous thousands of dollars in medicine money through rap brand Murder Inc., the home of together platinum-selling acts together Ashanti and also Ja Rule.McGriff has actually not to be charged in the slaying, yet a detective filed one affidavit saying McGriff admitted his involvement to a confidential informant. The affidavit stated E-Money Bags, whose given name to be Eric Smith, was killed in retaliation because that the shoot of McGriff combine Colbert "Black Just" Johnson.Smith, a minor yet up-and-coming performer, to be shot to fatality in his Lincoln Navigator in July 2001. Several men wearing white gloves fired as many as 40 shots right into the vehicle, hitting the rapper an ext than 10 times, follow to sources familiar with the investigation.According to the sealed affidavit posted on the smoking Gun"s internet site, Crosby and Brown, that lived together, videotaped Smith as he hung out v friends external Brown"s apartment. The detective defined the taping as surveillance in preparation for the killing.McGriff"s lawyer Robert Simels claimed Crosby to be an acquaintance that McGriff"s and also the tape primarily featured Brown"s young daughter and McGriff, with quick shots of the slain rapper"s vehicle."There"s no means the federal federal government is walk to seek the death penalty," Brown"s attorney, Jeremy Orden, stated in court. "No way in a million years." Brown, 42, and also Crosby, 38, also were charged v participating in a drug trafficking enterprise entailing dozens the kilograms of heroin and also cocaine.McGriff, who is incarcerated top top a total charge, served 10 years in jail for running a crack-dealing crew responsible for many murders. Killing Inc. Readjusted its name to the Inc. This year ~ executives claimed the label"s image was ache by court filings alleging links to McGriff.The bookkeeper for the label was arrested earlier this month and also charged v laundering drug proceeds and structuring cash store to stop federal reporting requirements. The laundering dues involve more than $1 million in drug money, follow to the indictment against her.Ja Rule"s manager, Ron "Gutta" Robinson, to be arrested Wednesday and charged through money laundering.

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His attorney stated he would challenge the charges.The label has decreased to comment on any type of criminal proceedings. The founder, Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo, a childhood girlfriend of McGriff"s, has said the federal probe is racially motivated and also unfounded.