The Undertaker & Kane got in Crown Jewel making a acquainted promise, v one vital difference: that D-Generation X, that were reuniting to face The brothers of Destruction, would suffer a loss so demoralizing the they would never rest in peace.

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As ever before with DX, though, the joke was on their opponents.

Triple H & Shawn Michaels ultimately beat The brothers of damage in the Crown Jewel key event, completing a comeback scenario because that HBK that had actually been the ingredient of fantasy and also “what-if” ever due to the fact that The Deadman retired him in 2010. In ~ the risk of veering into cliché, he’s still gained it. The kip-up, the elbow drop and especially the Sweet Chin Music, which payment dividends down the stretch after the bout had actually long because ceased to it is in a “match” and sharply veered into the kingdom of a brawl.

In that regard, The brothers of devastation were far an ext at home. If DX’s speed permitted them to control the activity within the squared circle, Kane & Undertaker didn’t hesitate to make use of their surroundings exterior the ring to destructive effect. In ~ one point, Triple H was moved through the announce table through a Chokeslam, which retained him out of activity for an extended duration and also required the ringside physician to certain he to be still fit come compete. (It would later on be revealed after ~ the match that The video game had endured a possible torn pectoral muscle as a result of the contest.)

Michaels, luckily, more than held his very own in isolation. Top top occasion, he obtained a small too pleasure with exactly how well his skills had retained — in fairness, anybody would — and allowed his enemies to get earlier in the fight. And, occasionally, he obtained a small too high-risk for his very own good, prefer a moonsault come the external that took the end Undertaker and Kane but also opened a gash above the hall of Famer’s eye. Yet he was clutch in every feeling of the word, no much more so than as soon as The brother of devastation reared increase from the mat because that a last gasp and set up their battle-weary opponents for stereotype Tombstone Piledrivers. HBK foiled that plan when the raked the eyes of Kane — the legal man — to complimentary Triple H.

Facing one last obstacle, Michaels blasted Undertaker through Sweet Chin Music to cut him turn off from his brother. The Showstopper administered a second superkick come Kane, Triple H adhered to up with the Pedigree, and also that was every she wrote, together fireworks and Too Sweets go up into the night skies at the very same time.

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DX stated they weren’t coming to Crown Jewel to joke around. They certainly didn’t. True to form, however, they gained the last laugh anyway.