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This is absolutely man pricing. Stay away indigenous this. I miss judged the size because of the photo on the review. Girlfriend can acquire 3x as countless from walking come a adjacent store. They room literally stealing her money
i made the wrong of not discovering that these weren’t pints they are simply one offer size. Functions out come be about $15/pint (if they to be pint size). You have the right to buy pints ~ above for much less than $6/pint v 8 in a box. I in reality buy the ice cream because that the dried ice due to the fact that I usage it to make C02 for my soda steam bottles instead of paying because that refills therefore the ice cream transforms out to it is in a bonus.
they arrived totally melt favor water. It is to be on the means for numerous days and also don’t know if they room still for sure to eat. Need to throw them away. Yes, really a waste of money

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( and in Haagen Dazs" case, I"ll take the first, found definition. :)"con·fec·tion kənˈfekSH(ə)n/ noun: confection; plural noun: confections1. A dish or delicacy made with sweet ingredients. "a whipped chocolate and cream confection"But don"t carry out what ns did, yesterday and also just wolf-down a virtually frozen one. :(Just permit it warm for a bit, at room temp or usage some warm water in a cup?(There seems to it is in plenty the plastic in that is container, to stand up to a little hot-water.)Or just nuke it for a bit and then test for those "soft and also ready" sides? ;)Thanks, Haagen Dazs !!!(Now, if part scientist can get the shipping weight, cost and also problems under to fifty percent or more, then perhaps we can see something more like a totality gallon of this Perfection in ~ a much better price, Please? :)So, maybe some sort of a hard-plastic cooler, labeling to be went back to a local place?(And to end up my Return-Cooler thoughts, simply have a sturdy false-bottom the foam to kind of isolated the dry-ice"s super-cold effects from the food. And have part inlaid handle-grips on two sides with equivalent outer box-holes, if a crate is also needed, anymore? The delivery folks might LOVE girlfriend for the convenience? and also with box-less shipment think of the trees that you could be saving, :)And, include some swing-handles because that some kind of a element Pantry Basket?(AND to conserve tape, add some thumb-screws to case-holes and needed venting, to its top.)