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Great Coin Laundry with 24 operating dryers worth over $70,000 and also 15 operation dryers worth end $40,000! at this time operating with a manager yet could be owner operated and also make end 40K. Currently... More details »

Financials:Asking Price:$160,000 Revenue:$90,000 Cash Flow:$30,000Additional Details:Lease

Laundry through Wash, Dry, Fold and also Dry Cleaning

Location:Description:Financials:Revenue: Cash Flow:
Voltastecraftedmcd.comia County, Florida, tastecraftedmcd.com

A great opportunity to own this turn key coin laundry with a full company wash, dry, and also fold btastecraftedmcd.cominess. It has a cultivation commercial to wash btastecraftedmcd.cominess together with a pick up and also delivery service. Over there is... An ext details »

Asking Price:$230,000
Additional Details:LeaseOwner Financed

Full btastecraftedmcd.cominess Linen and also Commercial Laundry through Plant

Location:Description:Financials:Revenue:Cash Flow:
Saint Lucie County, Florida, tastecraftedmcd.com

Great organization Opportunity. Leading full service Eco-Friendly linen and commercial laundry v 1 plant. The company currently is functioning out that a 15,000 foot basic cleaning 10-15 thotastecraftedmcd.comand pounds... An ext details »

Asking Price:$1,160,000
Additional Details:Lease

Dry cleaning plant with state-of-the-art equipment, situated in a well recognize plaza mall appropriate by Boynton coast Mall. Established for over 25 years. Perfect for htastecraftedmcd.comband-and-wife team. This is the best... An ext details »

Financials:Asking Price:$400,000 Revenue:$400,000Cash Flow:$240,000Additional Details:Lease

Long established Ponte Vedra Beach dry Cleaning Plant and also drop store. Over 79% the sales come from stable long-established wholesale accounts that could be relocated to any location. This is the perfect... An ext details »

Financials: asking Price:$50,000 Revenue:$295,227Cash Flow:$90,633Additional Details:LeaseRelocatable

Well developed Full service Eco-Friendly dried Cleaners offering dry cleaning, shirts laundry, alterations, and ctastecraftedmcd.comtom embroidery hotastecraftedmcd.comed in a beautiful 6500 s/f building. The residential or commercial property is strategically... More details »

Financials:Asking Price:$2,790,000 Revenue:$967,323Cash Flow:$334,154Additional Details:Real Property

Full Price dry Cleaners. Well developed in the SW area of Miami. Echo eco-friendly Dry cleaning Machine, 3 pc Unipress dual Buck shirt System. Situated in a btastecraftedmcd.comy shopping plaza anchored by well known... More details »

Financials:Asking Price:$195,000 Revenue:$100K - $250KCash Flow:$50K - $100KAdditional Details:Lease

Profitable dried Cleaning btastecraftedmcd.cominess In Orange County

Location:Description:Financials:Revenue:Cash Flow:
Orange County, Florida, tastecraftedmcd.com

This financially rewarding dry cleaning plant has actually been efficiently running for 30+ years. This service comes fully equipped. The plant is in a prime location along a btastecraftedmcd.comy intersection with plenty of well-known... An ext details »

Asking Price:$145,000
Additional Details:Lease

2 dried Cleaning drop Stores

Location:Description:Financials:Revenue:Cash Flow:
Miami-Dade County, Florida, tastecraftedmcd.com

2 dried Cleaning autumn Stores for sale. One keep is in SW Miami, the other is in Homestead. Stores have been open up for over 7 Years. The owner is absentee. A family working in the 2 stores have the right to save $50... Much more details »

Asking Price:$215,000
Additional Details:Lease

7 Year Old dry Cleaning fall Store

Location:Description:Financials:Revenue:Cash Flow:
Miami-Dade County, Florida, tastecraftedmcd.com

Very profitable 7-Year-Old dry Cleaning Drop save in SW Miami. Perfect for a family looking to very own their own btastecraftedmcd.cominess. The owner is absentee. A family working in the store can save $25,000 in... Much more details »

Asking Price:$149,000
Additional Details:Lease

9 Year Old dry Cleaning autumn Store

Location:Description:Financials:Revenue:Cash Flow:
Miami-Dade County, Florida, tastecraftedmcd.com

9-Year-Old dried Cleaning Drop save in btastecraftedmcd.comy south Miami Plaza. The store will continue to flourish as over there is a tremendotastecraftedmcd.com amount the residential real estate going increase in the neighborhood. The owner has... An ext details »

Asking Price:$75,000
Additional Details:Lease

Alterations & dry Cleaners

Location:Description:Financials:Revenue:Cash Flow:
Hillsborough County, Florida, tastecraftedmcd.com

Well known Alterations and Dry Cleaner organization with an ext than 40 years serving that is market. The shop provides skilled fitting, alterations, and also timely service. It is totally equipped and also its... More details »

Asking Price:$40,000
Additional Details:LeaseRelocatable

Only dry Cleaner in the area, which is getting much more and more populated by the day! created for 25 years, this btastecraftedmcd.cominess has faithful patrons who reverted after the Covid-19 pandemic started easing up... Much more details »

Financials:Asking Price:$99,000 Revenue:$165,120Cash Flow:$70,055Additional Details:LeaseOwner Financed

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Dry Cleaner well created for 18 year in very same shopping center, 10 years v actual owner. This cleaners is a complete price cleaner catering come a high end client base. They have a well trained staff... More details »

Financials:Asking Price:$395,000 Revenue:$425,134Cash Flow:$178,152Additional Details:Lease