I have my Eclipse IDE workarea stored on Dropbox, this method I have the right to access the exact same setting from multiple computers. Recently Dropbox is stuck syncing the compose.lock file in the Eclipse workspace"s .metainformation folder. Dropbox claims can"t sync "compose.lock" (access denied). Does anyone know exactly how to settle this? It is quite annoying because it means the Dropbox taskbar symbol constantly the syncing icon... Thanks for helping!


That appears to be a short-lived file produced by Eclipse; it shows that an instance of the IDE is presently operating on the workarea. Dropbox can"t sync it because Eclipse is holding it open - that"s the suggest of it being a lock.

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If you aren"t making use of any Eclipse plugins that save settings in .metainformation, you deserve to usage Dropbox"s Selective Sync function to exclude that folder from synchronization. Selective Sync is in the Dropbox choices, on the Account tab.


Unexamine the .metainformation box in the Selective Sync folder tree to make your computer system not attempt to upload it.


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