If you"re playing "Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King," you will certainly stumble throughout the Monster Arena at an early stage in the game. It is located on the southeastern continent, southeastern of the tvery own of Pickham. You can play a mini-game at the Monster Arena once it has actually been unlocked. To unlock it, soptimal via Morrie at the arena and he will certainly ask you to scout three "inwell known monsters" for him. Additionally, tright here are over 80 various other inwell known monsters that deserve to be scouted; these are not required to unlock the arena. They are distributed on all eight island also continents on the world map.

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Unlocking Monster Arena: Slimy Smiley (Smiles)

Slimy Smiley is just to the south on the route at the entrance of Trodain Castle. Trodain Castle is on the bottom fifty percent of the northeast continent, which is split by a river. After crossing right into the southern fifty percent of the continent, head to the northwest corner; Trodain Castle will be by the river.

Unlocking Monster Arena: Hollow Knight (Lonely Joe)

Hollow Knight can be discovered in between the Ruined Abbey and also Maella Abbey. Both abbeys are situated in the southern half on the southeast continent, near the river. Hollow Knight will certainly be to the east and also north of the path southern from Maella Abbey to Simpleton. He"ll be best alongside the river.

Unlocking Monster Arena: Squiggly Squiggler (Squiggles)

Squiggly Squiggler have the right to be uncovered southern of Red"s Den, on the beach. Red"s Den is south of Pickham on the southeast continent. Head southern from the Monster Arena until you hit the shore and also follow the coast southwest. You"ll inevitably run into Squiggly Squiggler.

Other Monsters: Octurion

Octurion is located on the southwest continent. Head southern and also follow the river from Argonia, the tvery own in the middle of the continent. Octurion have the right to be uncovered on the beach south of wbelow the river flows right into the sea.

Other Monsters: Sugi

Sugi deserve to be found on the biggest island in the southern part of the civilization map. Head southwest from Empycchu towards the hill range, and Sugi will certainly be slightly to the west and also slightly north of the hill array. Sugi can only be captured at night.

Other Monsters: Steropes

Tright here is a small island to the west in the channel in between the northeast and also southeast continents. On this island is Princess Minnie"s Castle. Directly west of the castle is Steropes, who will certainly be difficult to miss out on bereason the island also is incredibly small. He will certainly be in between the castle and also the coastline.

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